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Title:Nilesh Shah on Transformation of India, Lifelong Learning, and Importance of Humility in Investing

I talk to Nilesh Shah, Managing Director of Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company. Nilesh has over 31 years of experience in capital markets and has managed funds across equity, fixed income and real estate for Indian and global investors. While this is my first interaction with Nilesh, I have looked up to him for the last 20 years, ever since I took my first steps in the investment industry in 2003. In this episode, Nilesh talks about the transformation of India, lifelong learning, importance of humility in investing, spirituality, and much more. * * * Subscribe to The One Percent Show on - Spotify - Google Podcasts - Apple Podcasts - Amazon Music - To know more about this initiative, check out: * * * 1:03 Introduction 3:14 Biggest wonder in investing 6:11 How Indian investors find ways to lose money 8:44 Is this time really different? 10:16 Connecting dots from the past - Biggest lessons learned 19:05 Being a student of market - Importance of lifelong learning 21:23 Story of the horse that learned to eat oats - Thoughts on India and its investors 25:16 Risks to the India story 29:07 Impotance of changing your mind with changing times 37:03 How to check for corporate (mis)governance in companies 40:24 How to identify a good money manager 45:53 Rama vs Krishna vs Duryodhana vs Ravana quotient of living a balanced life 49:46 What important qualities Nilesh looks at while hiring people 52:28 How to separate signal from noise in a noisy world 55:19 Thoughts on spirituality and its role in the life of a modern day thinker 58:06 Aligning spirituality principles with investing 1:01:18 Thoughts on meditation and mindfulness 1:04:10 Teachings from scriptures and their applicability in investing 1:05:57 Habit that has helped Nilesh the most 1:08:08 Most important advice for youngsters 1:10:58 Lessons for new investors and money managers 1:14:33 Nilesh's lessons for his children 1:17:54 Best and worst advice ever received 1:21:58 Best books and resources to learn 1:23:50 Nilesh's definition of a life well lived * * * Nilesh's past presentatins and other resources - * * * To know more about my book - The Sketchbook of Wisdom - which Morgan Housel calls "a masterpiece," please visit -


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