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Title:Surah Al-Kahf,Al-Mulk,Al-Rahman,Yasin / Mohammad Al-Faqih.🕋🕋🎧🎧😇😇❤❤💚💚🤗🤗(The Cave) سورۃ الکهف #share 💚

#like #share #subscribe #surah #quran #islam #explore #calm #lifeway #islamic #surah #surah_al_kahf #islam #islamic.💚💚❤❤ . 2/15/2024, 1:05:51 PM Give me detail about surah kahf  2/15/2024, 1:06:09 PM Surah Kahf, also known as "The Cave," is the 18th chapter of the Quran. It is a Makkan surah, meaning it was revealed in the early period of Prophet Muhammad's prophethood when he resided in the city of Makkah. Surah Kahf consists of 110 verses and is widely regarded as one of the most significant chapters of the Quran. It addresses various themes and contains several narratives that carry profound lessons and guidance for believers. The surah begins by emphasizing the importance of seeking refuge in Allah from the evils of the world and seeking His guidance. It then presents four main stories, each with its own moral lessons: 1. The Story of the People of the Cave: This story revolves around a group of young believers who sought refuge in a cave to protect their faith from persecution. They slept for centuries and were protected by Allah. It teaches the importance of steadfastness in faith and trust in Allah's plans. 2. The Story of the Two Men and their Gardens: This narrative tells the story of two men who owned beautiful gardens but had different attitudes towards their wealth. One was grateful to Allah, while the other was arrogant and ungrateful. It highlights the importance of gratitude, humility, and recognizing that all blessings come from Allah. 3. The Story of Musa (Moses) and Khidr: This story recounts the encounter between Prophet Musa and a mysterious servant of Allah named Khidr. Musa accompanies Khidr to learn from him, witnessing seemingly questionable actions. Through this account, the surah teaches the importance of humility, patience, and trust in Allah's wisdom. 4. The Story of Dhul-Qarnayn: This narrative tells the story of a righteous and just ruler named Dhul-Qarnayn, who traveled extensively and encountered different nations. It highlights his righteous leadership and his recognition of Allah's sovereignty. Throughout the surah, there are also general lessons and reminders about the transient nature of worldly possessions, the importance of relying on Allah, the significance of the Day of Judgment, and the consequences of disbelief. Surah Kahf is highly recommended to be recited on Fridays, and it is believed to provide protection from the trials and tribulations of the Dajjal (Antichrist) in the end times. Muslims are encouraged to study, reflect upon, and implement the teachings and lessons found in Surah Kahf, as it offers guidance and wisdom for navigating the challenges of life and strengthening one's faith in Allah.


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