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Title:My Summary of The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius | (22 Stoic Principles)

This summary on Amazon: (Affiliate link) This is my own summary of Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. I’ve taken nearly every point he made, reordered and then summarised them. If you're new to the book this provides a good idea of what he says in a much shorter, easier to understand form. I've done my best not to add anything myself except for where I'm explaining his point. Free PDF: Kindle\Paperback: Full Meditations Audiobook: In the US? Listen for free via Hoopla: Jocko’s take on (11) “Good”: Support Links: Paypal: Patreon: LinkTree: Shortform 20% Discount: Signup for Trading212: My Recording Equipment: 🎤 🎧 🦾 Timings: Start - 0:00 1: When you Encounter Unkindness - 1:10 2. Everything Depends on How You Interpret it - 3:00 3. Your Mind Should Sit Superior to Your Body and its Sensations - 4:27 4. Stay Mindful and Take Deliberate Actions - 6:00 5. Don’t Retreat from the World - 7:02 6. Your Opinion of Yourself Matters More Than the Opinion of a Stranger - 8:20 7. Be Open to Correction - 9:39 8. Cherish the Freedom and Liberty of Everyone - 10:17 9. Have Some Self Respect - 11:43 10. Avoid Complaining - 12:35 11. The Obstacle is the Way - 12:57 12. Adversity is Part of Nature - 14:29 13. It’s Through Adversity That We Get Stronger - 15:46 14. Everything has happened before - 16:25 15. Stay Practical and Deal with What’s in Front of You - 17:57 16. Focus on Doing What is Right and be Prepared to Face Resistance - 19:32 17. Do Your Duty and Despise Cowardice - 21:13 18. Life is Short and Death Comes to us All, That Means the Time for Action is Now - 22:10 19. Practice Getting Back on Track - 24:33 20. Look Beneath to See Things for What They Truly Are - 26:05 21. Recognize Material Wealth is Neither a Good nor an Evil - 27:24 22. Express Gratitude - 28:54 Other Language Versions: Bahasa: Italian: Portuguese: Turkish (pdf): Urdu: (If you would like to translate it to your own language just send me an email) #Stoicism #MarcusAurelius #PewdiepieBookReview #meditations #calmdown #calm #philosophy


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