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Title:A Rainy Night in Victorian London: Guided Sleep Story with Rain Sounds

Embark on a journey back in timeโ€ฆ In this sleep story, we will travel to the foggy streets of Victorian London. The lamp-lit windows of the towering buildings cast a warm glow on the wet streets, inviting you to explore the mysteries that lie within. You will hear the whispers of the past as you pass by the grand theaters, the bustling marketplaces, and the old alleyways โ€“ and at the end find shelter in a cozy guesthouse by a warming fireplace. I wish you a pleasant restโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ด This sleep story includes strong rain and thunderstorm sounds, as well as some ambient sounds of Victorian London. After the narration, the sounds continue to play so you can fall asleep with themโ€ฆ โ›ˆ๏ธ #sleepstory #sleep #victorianlondon #victorianage #sleepstories #meditation #guidedimagery #guidedmeditation #guidedmeditationsleep #deepsleep #sleepsounds #sleepsoundsrain โ€“ If you want to read the story script yourself or read it aloud, you can find it here: Chapters: 00:00:00 - Introduction 00:01:16 - Relaxation 00:05:00 - Victorian Era Sleep Story 00:27:00 - Rain & Fire Sleep Sounds Site: Sleep Story & Hypnosis Scripts: MP3 Downloads: (You can pay whatever you like โ€“ all proceeds go into new vids) Spotify: [Available Soon] Apple Music: [Available Soon] With Mindrest we want to bring you beautiful sleep stories, guided imagery and hypnosis recordings that help you calm down, unwind & relax. New Videos are available every Monday at 9PM PST. Narrated by Chris Lynch, co-written & produced with Jona Schulz. Mindrest (2023). All rights reserved. [License/Copyright: The music and visuals in this video have been fully licensed via Envato Elements and Adobe Stock. The narration, sleep story script, most parts of the field recordings & the sound design are ours with all rights reserved โ€“ the re-upload, not even in parts, is prohibited. In case you have questions, please contact]


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