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Title:Chhath puja utsav on ganga nadi ghat। popular festival at Ganges river । religious occasion part 3

Welcome friends to the video- Chhath puja utsav on ganga nadi ghat । popular festival at Ganges river । religious occasion part 3, this is a big great famous Indian celebration The meaning of chhath is sixth on many providential language it said ‘’Chay’’ or “Choy” in India like as Chhattisgarh Assam Bihar Maharashtra Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand Jharkhand Madhya Pradesh West Bengal Orissa Tamil Nadu Andhra Pradesh etc states also in Nepal, actually this ward generated from Sanskrit ward Prakrit, Bhojpuri and Maithili Linguist people celebrate this festival on the sixth days of month (Mas) Kartik as per calendar of Hindu Luni-Solar Vikram Samvat calendar, after navratri this is the large and longest festival, It is a belief that the Chhath puja or Surya Devta Pujo (Sun worship) ceremony is coming from the ancient Vedic period regarding the Rigveda, the Sun's mantra hymns and rituals are mentioned and these Godly religious ritualism are also found in Sanskrit epics and poetry in the Mahabharata, there are references to this that have been found in Draupadi also followed this custom to get regain their lost kingdom and was able to solve, There is another history of Chhat Puja, Ramchandra and Sitadevi came back to Ayodhya after spending 14 years and worshiped chhath from fasting, this is a scientific method of this yoga was introduced in the Vedic period In this process, ancient monks-rishis could able to obtain energy food directly from the sun without taking any external food, the same method was adopted in chhathpuja, And still as before, it is tried to worship (Puja) in accordance with the ancient (prachin) customary rules or vogue (Protha), not only sun God but also the goddess who is now worshiped as Chhathi Maiya is known in the Vedic texts as Usha devi, she is considered as younger wife of the sun, This is not a gender specific worship festival Yet, it has seen that the main worshipers is women (Mahila) However, large number of men and women young Ladies (penkal) old people and young boys and girls (Ladki or ilam pen either ammayi) etc joined that parv (Sankranti program, special occasion or festival), the devotees worshiper pray to God for the good of their families & offspring’s and for the sake of prosperity, If a person once started chhath worship, he would have to worship it every year, it becomes his duty Chhat Puja begins only after four days of Diwali, and its period is four days, On the first day people made lunch consisting with rice pumpkin pulses and ghee after bathing in the river or pond, On the second day, worshipers are fasting whole day without taking any food even water, At the end of the day, before feeding themselves, they sacrifice Roti (bread) and kheer (Latex) to the rising moon and the Ganges (Ganga), then they took as dinner the latex and bread at the end of the day, it is the only time when they take food this method runs from the first day to the last day of chhath. third day devotees maintain 'nirjal vrata’ fast without even taking a drop of water, third day devotee people offer to winnow the 'argha' It mainly consisting with fruits sweets etc going to river bank and surya namaskar to the setting sun, This program 42 hours of strict hard oath ends after worshiping the rising sun on the fourth or the last day, Prasad is distributed to all at the end of worship there are many types of confectionery sweets as Prasad, such as - Kheer Thekua rice laddu etc The food that is made for the Prasad is strictly vegetarian and cooked without salt ginger garlic and onion, However, this festival is one of the most celebrated Hindu social festivals of India everyone rejoices and enjoy this, in this video showing 4th and last day afternoon of the chhath puja many people gathered in the bank of the holy river Ganges where devote people are bathing on holy Ganga river for final worship, prior to the coming of the Ganges, various devotees performed their oaths in different ways, For the purpose of pleasing God, as in this video, actually this was held in the garden of Mangal Pandey Park of Barrackpore of grater Kolkata at North 24 Parganas, Eventually all the men and women stood in the Ganges water and ended this beautiful awesome nice program with the last prayer to God Sun, people say that it is an extreme Indian prayer, thus this current year 2019 in the month November ceremony was ended by more enjoyment and colourful attractive dance (nach) around with many people or crowd with the musical sound of dhak Dhol (drum) etc and गंगा नदी में छठ या सूर्य देवता की पूजा उत्सव मनाया जा रहा है Hello Friend I am thanking you for visiting Holy horizon channel and its video I would like to appreciate your presence Thank you Please… Like Share comment & don’t forget to Subscribe


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