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Title:How India is TRAPPING China with its Military STRATEGY? : Geopolitical Case study

Make safe investments with Wint wealth and get fixed returns VIDEO INTRODUCTION: In the past 3 episodes of the Geo-political series, we saw how China started with something called the Belt and Road initiative to conquer world trade!! Now just to give you a quick recap, **Firstly China strategically used Djibouti, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Pakistan’s weak economic situation to surround India, Secondly, China spend Billions of dollars on building Oil refineries, High-speed cables, railway lines, and even gas pipelines to build an alternate trade route around India and lastly, China is building an extremely strategic railway line from London to China and another railway line from China to Iran passing through Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan to finally ending at Tehran in Iran! This is how China is literally building its own trade route to become an economic superpower!! and during this process, China intends to surround its rivals like India and eventually gain a military and economic advantage over the United states!!** This is what we have covered until now!! Now when China is doing so many things, India obviously is no a saint to keep quiet and let China become stronger right?? So the question is, What is India doing to tackle the security implications of the Belt and Road Initiative? What is India’s strategy to face China in-case of a military conflict? and most importantly, as citizens of India, what are the study materials that will help you understand India’s Geopolitical moves better? Check out Think School's Online courses: Study Materials Want to buy the equipment we use? 1. Our Laptop: 2. Our Mic: 3. Camera Stand: 4. Mobile holder for stand: 5. Laptop: To support our work you can donate here: #indiavschina #indiaforeignpolicy #jaishankar #narendramodi #india #geopolitics #thinkschool


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