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Title:Peggle Cheat: All pegs are green pegs (All Peggle Masters)

This is a followup video to a video from six years ago,, where I showed a cheat where every peg on the board was considered a green peg in addition to its normal colour. There was interest in seeing what it might be like with different Peggle Masters. I didn't have the specific cheat I used to make the last video any more, so I remade it for this video where I show how it works with all the Peggle Masters on the Peggle Deluxe level "Spin Cycle". For most Peggle Masters I only shoot one ball before moving onto the next Master in order that the video isn't too long, but I make an exception for Lord Cinderbottom (Fireball) and Master Hu (Zen Ball) so that their effects can be seen. Timestamps for the different Peggle Masters: 00:00 Menu 00:06 Bjorn (Super Guide) 00:32 Jimmy Lightning (Multiball) 01:02 Kat Tut (Pyramid) 01:27 Splork (Space Blast) 02:05 Claude (Flippers) 02:26 Renfield (Spooky Ball) 05:36 Tula (Flower Power) 06:10 Warren (Lucky Spin) 07:18 Lord Cinderbottom (Fireball) 08:00 Master Hu (Zen Ball) Technically, the way the game processes the ball hitting a peg is that it checks first to see if an orange peg was hit, and if so, it registers that. Then it checks to see if the peg was any other type - blue, purple or green - and acts accordingly. The way this cheat works is that I modify the game code so that between these two checks, it forcibly sets the peg type to be green. By doing this, we are able to retain the core mechanic of the game (clear all the orange pegs) while still having every peg being treated as a green peg. This cheat works slightly differently from my previous cheat video. In that video, every peg was treated as a green peg in addition to its other colours. I unfortunately lost the code for that cheat and when I redid it for this video I did it slightly differently, which means that unfortunately the purple peg doesn't get counted as a point bonus. Sorry! I only realised this was a problem after I uploaded the video.


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