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Title:Smokey Robinson on His Life Story and Biggest Hit Songs (Full Interview)

In this full-length interview, one of the greatest R&B singer/songwriters of all time, Smokey Robinson, details his upbringing in Detroit, where he lived in a packed house. He spoke about being one of 11 kids in the house, most of whom were his nieces and nephews who, due to closeness in age, were more like his siblings. He also discussed his father’s journey out of Selma, Alabama, into Detroit after stabbing a white kid who bullied him for years and fleeing town at only 12 years old. Moving along, the legendary R&B singer recalls starting a vocal group in elementary school and later forming his first official band, The Five Chimes. He goes on to explain what inspired the group's inception before saying that they eventually evolved into The Miracles. As the discussion continues, he talks about growing up with a young Diana Ross and Aretha Franklin as his childhood neighbors. Later, Smokey Robinson talks about growing up in Detroit when many of his friends were dabbling in criminal mischief and gang activity. He also talks about the experience of his former group, The Matadors, auditioning for Jackie Wilson's manager. The Motown legend explains that although the audition didn't go for the group, it served as his personal introduction to Barry Gordy, Jackie Wilson's primary songwriter. As the conversation nears an end, he looks back on the first time he retired, the events leading up to recording his first album, being the Vice President of Motown Records. He also shares his thoughts on Michael Jackson's early releases as a solo artist before touching on his friendship with the late Rick James and the tragic murder of Marvin Gaye.


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