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Title:Orthopedic Surgeon Dr Santhosh: Importance of Exercise, Muscle Mass, Lower Back Pain & Obesity Risks

In this podcast, Dr. Santhosh Jacob, an Orthopedic & Sports Surgeon, shares his fat-to-fit journey. He helps us understand the ideal exercise age, the importance of muscle mass, and factors leading to increased risk of lower back, shoulder, and neck pain. #gutfeelings #DrPal #DrSanthoshJacob #OrthopedicSurgeon #gutfeelingpodcast #healthyeating #healthyhabits #backpain #backpainrelief #backpainexercise #kneepain Subscribe to my channel: @DrPal to never miss a notification! Follow me on Instagram: Medical comedy (Medcom) shows: I love doing medical comedy (medcom) stand-up shows. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet you all in person and also to promote awareness of a healthy lifestyle. My upcoming show details: 📍San Antonio - 6th April 2024 🔗 📍Austin - 7th April 2024 🔗 #medcom #DrPalMedcomShow For Collabs & Enquiries: Email: Also, you can listen to my podcast on your favourite audio platforms: ✅ Spotify: ✅ Amazon Music: Subscribe to our 2 new channels for Podcast Shorts & Clips: @GutFeelingPodcastShorts @GutFeelingPodcastClips 00:00 Coming up on the podcast! 02:33 Why should doctors be on social media? 03:46 Dr Santhosh Jacob’s journey to weight loss 07:19 How exercise helped Santhosh follow a healthy routine 08:51 Santhosh jacobs workout routine 14:24 How long does it take for you to lose weight with exercise 15:37 Exercise can be dangerous! 17:02 The primary reason to exercise 19:34 Women should be exercising with weight 21:07 Your body needs muscle during old age 23:02 Muscle can be stimulated at any age 23:46 Beat diabetes with muscle mass 25:06 Indians are scared of surgeries 26:55 Why we suffer from Knee pain 29:47 Weight gain related to low-back ache 32:59 Exercises for your core! 34:21 Treatment for lower back pain 39:15 Strengthen your neck muscles 41:20 Exercise or get degenerative diseases 44:10 How to make our body ready for old age 48:05 The essential tip for strength training


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