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Title:Day 13 - Hamstrings | 14 Day Beach Self Love Yoga Series

Hi loves, welcome to Day 13 💖 This class is all about stretching and strengthening our hamstrings and legs. We warm up the legs with a few stretches, move into a short flow, and end with deeper hamstring stretches like the splits. Some of these poses are more advanced, so be patient with yourself and as always, be mindful and listen to your body! You should never feel pain, and remember that flexibility takes time. Join me for the next 25 minutes as I guide you through this class 💫 Enjoy xoxo Keep comments respectful or you will get blocked :) This series is all about showing up and giving back to yourself. To cultivate gratitude and self love towards yourself, your body & your practice. 💗 Each day we focus on a section of the body, and begin with light and simple yoga flows easing into more difficult asanas as we move through the series. Our bodies do so much for us on a daily basis, and incorporating a movement practice is a way to show appreciation. Come as you are, and join me on your mat for the next 2 weeks as you move through your practice with the intention of gratitude, positivity, and self love. 💖💖 Turn NOTIFICATIONS ON 🔔 so you never miss a video & LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE to support me! xoxo 💋 Website & Contact: 💌


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