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Title:Making Music Across the World - Episode 1

Is it possible to write seven songs on seven continents in seven weeks? We sure hope so because that is why we created the On 7 show! This documentary series is dedicated to exploring the world and it’s people in order to write music, make friends, take an adventure, and learn about the world and it’s people. Today we are releasing Episode 1, where we find Kevin Kennedy III, a small town American songwriter from North Platte, Nebraska, dreaming of writing a song on every continent in the world. But how do you take on such a grandiose plan? You just do it! And take a helping hand when you can! Which is why Kevin teams up with David Maass as his manager and confidant on the upcoming journey across the world. Watch as Kevin and David travel from Nebraska to California to experience life on the road as they work to expand Kevin's musical career and mission of creating an album that could sum up all seven continents. Meet new and old friends, as Kevin and David confront the difficulties of life in Southern California. Through the process, David takes his first steps as a manager, while Kevin struggles to find the creative artists that apparently exist on the west coast. Together they battle through Los Angeles traffic, budget constraints, and big egos, all while creating music, exploring the hype of Los Angeles, and drinking cocktails. Join us by subscribing to this channel as we dive into the musical traditions of America and her people! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow the Journey: MUSIC: - - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHAPTERS: 00:00 Intro 01:15 Nebraska 04:39 California 05:37 Meeting Bradford 07:17 Writing Session with Bradford 10:48 Studio Session with Tom Kahre 16:00 Cocktails with Joy 19:18 Songwriting with Danielle Santilli 21:49 Surf's Up 23:07 Writing SCOOP 24:11 Studio West in San Diego 26:20 David's Smoke Break 26:51 In N Out Burger 27:37 Live Concert at the Virgil in Los Angeles 29:56 Official SCOOP music video 33:37 Credits --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREDITS: Executive Producers: David Maass / Bradford Downs / Kevin Kennedy III Director: Kevin Kennedy III Editing: Istok Radovanov / Kevin Kennedy III / Zoran Radovanov Camera Operators: Drew Etherton / Timothy Blackwood / Michael Francis / OJ Pipkin / Jason Vizzini Sound Designers: Sebastijan Kerekes / Kevin Kennedy III Supervising Sound Editor: Sebastijan Kerekes Sound Rerecording Mixer and Sound Editor: Marko Peric Graphic Designers: Ivan Stankov / Kevin Kennedy III Color: Dusan Bartolovic Cast: David Maass / Kevin Kennedy III / Bradford Downs / Joy Makin / Travis Griebel / Zach Terry / Paul Oettinger / Tom Khare / Jason Vizzini / Danielle Santilli / Dave Williams / Joanna Robertson / Lucky Oceans / Kenneth Dawson / Skigh Mcmanus / Craig Brandreth / Michael Francis / Brandon Calladine / Lauren Merar / Noah Mattison / Reyna Paz / Dan White / Greg Mooney Thank you to everyone who has helped and blessed us along the way!


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