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Title:Coding the Cosmos: Does Reality Emerge From Simple Computations?

Stephen Wolfram joins Brian Greene to explore whether the ultimate theory of the universe might emerge from a computationally simple framework. This program is part of the Big Ideas series, supported by the John Templeton Foundation. Participant: Stephen Wolfram Moderator: Brian Greene WSF Landing Page Link: 00:00 - Brian Greene Introduction 03:55 - Welcome Stephen Wolfram 07:59 - How powerful are Wolfram's tools? 13:30 - What is it like to be the weather? 19:32 - Computationally bounded observers like us 29:24 - Are all possible mathematical outcome out there somewhere? 33:15 - Where is the Wolfram software at today? 50:30 - Heisenberg, Bohr, and Einstein thought space was discreet 01:00:25 - When we look back at Einstein's field equations it become obvious 01:13:41 - Is the an early primordial node in the Ruliad? 01:22:24 - Is the universe only three dimensional for observer like us? 01:29:45 - How big is the elementary length? 01:39:50 - What happens to black holes in the model? 01:46:43 - Is it Everett's and the many worlds approach to Quantum Mechanics? 01:56:08 - How do you think about GD6 in the multi way graph? 02:04:22 - How does time dilation work in Wolfram's models? 02:10:49 - What is the ultimate goal? 02:22:00 - The bridge to string theory - SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel and "ring the bell" for all the latest videos from WSF - VISIT our Website: - LIKE us on Facebook: - FOLLOW us on Twitter: #briangreene #stephenwolfram #computerscience #wolfram


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