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Title:10 Hours Spaceship Flight with Radio Chatter. Spaceship Cockpit Ambience. 360 VR ASMR Ambience

10 hours of "non-repetitive" Spaceship Radio Chatter Ambient scripted by me. If you are patient enough, you may notice many easter eggs in the following hours. Enjoy! If you like my content and feel like you want to show some extra support. Perhaps consider becoming a patron here: I don't want to bore you with technical information, but I'm writing for chums those who are interested. This scene was made with Unreal Engine including modeling, texture, smoke, and fog in nearly 2 days! 42.000 4K frames rendered in nearly 1 day! The frames were converted into a video with Adobe Media Encoder in nearly 6 hours. Audio Compositions was made with Adobe Audition in 2 long days! All pieces were put together and finalized with Adobe Premiere in nearly 3 hours. How I Made This Video: I hope it's not too much to ask for likes and comments :) If you want to get away from the real world for a moment and travel to a completely different world for relaxation, you are in the right place. You will travel to completely different worlds with the visuals and sound compositions I created. You can use the ambiance videos on my channel for a comfortable sleep, to have a different environment while working, studying, reading, or just relaxing. Ambiance videos allow people to get away from their environment and create a space where they can relax, dream and reduce their stress. You can find widely different varieties of ambiance videos on my channel. Copyright information: Do not copy, reproduce or redistribute my videos anywhere on the internet, I do not give permission unless it's expressly given in writing by myself. Thank you. Best wishes Selcuk Celebi


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