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Title:BLACK PANTHER Wakanda Forever Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Characters Explained

BLACK PANTHER Wakanda Forever Trailer Breakdown | Easter Eggs, Hidden Details & Characters Explained. We explain, give our reaction to and also analyses the new BP Wakanda Forever Trailer which just dropped This contains some leaks and spoilers on the movie as well as our theories on who the new Black Panther is. We also discuss Namor and the war between the two Kingdoms. #BlackPanther #WakandaForever #TrailerBreakdown #EasterEggs #HiddenDetails #thingsyoumissed Huge shoutouts to Canadian Lad for spotting the second Black Panther in the trailer and for confirming the theory. If you enjoyed this video then please subscribe to the channel If You Want To Help Support The Channel So I Can Make More Videos Like This Please Donate Here: Check out our #shorts channel here HEAVY SPOILERS CLIPS - Get some awesome Heavy Spoilers show clothes, phonecases and accessories at - *Check out our BEST new videos below* *House Of The Dragon Episode 6 Breakdown* - *Rings Of Power Episode 6 Breakdown* - *SHE HULK Episode 7 Breakdown* - *Andor Episode 4* - *The Last Of Us Trailer Breakdown* - *Rick And Morty Season 6 Episode 4 Breakdown* - /* ----- SOCIAL MEDIA ----- */ Follow Us On Social Media At: Website - TikTok - Twitter - Instagram - Facebook - Follow our team at - Host Paul - Host Jared - Editor Steesh - Editor Matt - /* ----- VIDEO INFORMATION ----- */ Ok so the brand new trailer for Black Panther for Wakanda Forever is now here and the latest look is filled with easter eggs, hidden details and a lot of things that tease towards the plot. Throughout this video we're gonna be doing a big breakdown on the new look whilst also talking about some of the things revealed about the movie at D23. The people at the event were shown a two minute scene from the film and my uncle filmed the whole thing and sent it to me courtesy of Kevin Spoilers. So lots to talk about and the movie itself is reportedly going to be two hours and forty one minutes long. This makes it the second longest MCU movie after Avengers Endgame so there's plenty of time to tackle the passing of T'Challa, the rise of Namor and also the new heir to the black panther mantle. We'll talk about who we think this is later on but if you enjoy the video then please hit the thumbs up button and don't forget to subscribe to the channel for videos like this every day. With that out the way, huge thanks for clicking this, now let's get into the trailer. - Ok so the teaser begins with a shot that was missing from the original trailer and it has Shuri carrying T'challas helmet. The song we can hear in the background is Never forget by Sampa the great and it sets the more battle heavy theme for this first look. Whereas last time was a very emotional song in no woman no cry this is way uplifting with the war being the main focal point. Inmterwoven with these shots of Wakanda are ones of Namor and his kingdom. He discusses what it takes to be a great leader and we see in this trailer he how charges head first into battle. He's referred to as the K'uk'ulkan which is the name of a feather serpent god. Pulling up the wiki for it it has a clear and distinctive shape that I believe we also see Namor painting into the wall. He can hover in the air as well as move at great speeds whcih I'll talk about more in just a bit. Music By - PSiMiTAR ► Youtube Subscribe - ► Instrumentals - ► Twitter - ► Instagram -


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