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Title:Avoid The Traps Of Modern Dating & Attract Aligned Love | Sadia Khan

Psychologist and Relationship Expert Sadia Khan reveals the #1 reasons that are keeping us single and how to navigate the mess of modern dating. She and André delve into the complexities of modern dating and explore key aspects that contribute to its challenges. From deciphering the intricacies of choosing the right partner to overcoming past traumas and establishing healthy relationship templates, this episode offers practical advice and insights to set yourself up for romantic success. Sadia breaks down the often-debated topic of the "Boss Babe" mentality versus the biological clock, exploring tension between personal aspirations and pressures related to relationships and family planning. She also reveals the top green flags to look for in a partner, understanding someone's love language, and navigating polarity in relationship. Finally, they shed light on the often-misunderstood aspects of gender dynamics in hetero-sexual couples, addressing the common misconceptions men may have about women's perspectives and needs, fostering empathy and understanding between genders. André's Book Recommendations: ___________ Timecodes: 0:00 Intro 1:33 Why Modern Dating is a Mess 7:10 How to Set Yourself Up For Success 9:57 The Trouble with Social Media, OnlyFans, and Narcissism 17:27 Choosing the Right Partner: How to Align Your Values & Behaviors 20:34 Overcoming Trauma & Making a New Template for Relationships 22:59 Why Some Long-term Relationships Fail 30:05 Boss Babe Mentality vs The Biological Clock 37:03 The Problem with Seeking a Partner 40:11 Polarity in Long Term Relationships 42:08 Green Flags in Relationship 44:08 Dealbreakers & Falling in Love with Someone's Potential 51:10 Love Languages & Giving/Receiving Balance 1:00:10 Self Sourcing Happiness after Success 1:02:42 Knowing Yourself & Facing Your Shadow 1:03:34 The #1 Hack to Personal Growth 1:06:56 How to Know When to Leave 1:10:30 The Truth About Cheating & Attraction 1:16:17 Men Don’t Understand This About Women 1:19:11 Do You Need A Leader in a Relationship? 1:20:25 Women Don't Understand This About Men 1:29:28 Release Desire and Gain Self Control 1:31:53 Conclusion ___________ Sadia Khan is a relationship coach who has dedicated her social presence to helping individuals and couples navigate the complexities of modern relationships. Her passion for helping people build fulfilling and lasting connections has guided her on this meaningful journey. Sadia holds a BSc in Psychology, Master's in Education and Developmental psychology, Qualified Teachers Status, Diplomas in Psychotherapy, Advanced CBT, Psychoanalysis, and Inner Child Healing. Her academic training and extensive practical experience allow her to offer well-rounded and evidence-based guidance. Instagram: Website: YouTube: ___________ Looking to Start a Podcast? Podcasting Course: Know Thyself Instagram: Website: Clips Channel: Listen to all episodes on Audio: Spotify: Apple: André Duqum Instagram: Meraki Media


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