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Title:Class versus Skill-Based Games - Running RPGs

The differences between Class-Based and Skill-Based RPGs. Do you prefer levels with increasing hit points and powers like D&D? Or do you prefer choosing your character's individual skills and abilities like RuneQuest? Both have their advantages and potential hurdles. __________ *DID YOU KNOW I'M A NOVELIST?* If you want to support my channel, or just want to read an action-packed Urban Fantasy about modern-day monster hunters and their sentient weapons, check out my four-novel Valducan series (you might notice Dämoren subtlety placed behind me). They feature gun fights, sword fights, chases, monsters, and a smattering of horror. Audio book editions narrated by the badass R.C. Bray: I also write pulpy Sword & Sorcery thief adventures in my Tales of the Black Raven series. It's 21 short adventures packed with action, intrigue, and daring heroics. Audio editions read by R.C. Bray. And if you want a kickass and dark revenge story about a modern-day sorceress hunting for lost Carcosa, my novel Ashes of Onyx is available in print, ebook, and audio book: If you enjoyed my stories, please leave a rating or review on Amazon, Audible, and/or Goodreads __________ *MY OWN PUBLISHED RPG ADVENTURES* A Mother's Love (Call of Cthulhu 7e). This collection of adventures win the 2020 Gold ENnie Award for Best Digital Adventure Book: Mysteries on Arcturus Station (Mongoose Traveller 2e). This is two adventures. One is written by me, and the other is my update to J. Andrew Keith's brilliant Murder on Arcturus Station: And while I didn't write it (Marc Miller has that distinction), I did greatly expand and update the classic Traveller adventure Death Station to Mongoose 2e, which is totally free: __________ *FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER* I mostly ramble about movies and random other things as they occur to me: __________ *I HAVE A PODCAST NOW* Check out the Modern Mythos Podcast where veteran RPG writer Jon Hook and I discuss gaming, especially Call of Cthulhu: You can find the podcast on YouTube as well (You should totally subscribe): __________ *My Patreon* (Tip Jar): Special thank you to my 164 Patrons for their support. I promise I'll get better at working with this new equipment setup. Guest starring Mike and Todd. #ttrpg 00:00 Intro 01:48 More Gray Than Absolutes 02:24 Class-Based Games 03:58 Easy to Scale Obstacles 04:24 Clear Improvement Paths 04:51 Defined Roles 05:19 Gaining Levels is Fun 05:34 Becoming More Powerful 06:16 Skill-Based Games 07:40 No Molds 09:24 Skills Improve Individually 12:17 Regular Improvements 12:58 Hit Points Don't Greatly Increase 14:20 One-Trick Ponies 16:09 Painfully Average 16:43 Easy to Bring in New Characters 17:43 Lots of Exceptions 19:40 Comes Down to Preferences 21:22 Thanks and Outro


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