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Title:Postman Pat S7Ep2 Stolen Strawberries

Watch more Cartoons here : PC Selby has discovered that Dr Gilbertson loves the banjo and tries to secretly practise a song for her. Pat visits Dorothy who tells him that all her strawberries have gone missing. Pat rushes off to find PC Selby but every time he thinks he’s seen him PC Selby disappears. Eventually Pat catches up with PC Selby who explains about the banjo. They go back to Dorothy’s and discover that the ‘strawberry thieves’ are actually birds. Pat has a good idea. PC Selby can practise the banjo and act as a scarecrow at the same time whilst he and Dorothy pick some more strawberries. At the end of the day Dr Gilbertson comes to a special strawberry tea party and is serenaded by PC Selby. Welcome to Mini Moments! Mini Moments is a YouTube channel that provides safe, fun and educational content for preschool kids. Our videos are designed to help children learn and grow in every moment, whether they're just waking up, cleaning their teeth or are getting ready for bed. Mini Moments offers a variety of videos, including songs, movie clips, cartoons and more. Our content is fun, engaging and educational. We also make sure that our videos are age-appropriate, so so rest assured, your child won’t see anything unsuitable. Subscribe to Mini Moments today and let us help your child learn and grow: #MiniMoments #AnimatedCartoonsForKids #Boo #CasperTheFriendlyGhost #VeggieTales #Lassie #PostmanPat #GuessWithJess #Floogals #WoodyWoodpecker #ChristmasMovies


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