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Title:Pac-Man World (Sony Playstation) Playthrough

This was the game, that completely changed my life forever. I got this game at 2001 on summer, and with a brand new PS1. Coincidently, this was the very first Pac-Man game that I ever played! This game, was just completely awesome on the first day when I ever layed my eyes on this beauty! This was the first 3D game and a new type of game that I ever played, since I was still used to the NES even in 2001! XD I still have my CD (which is actually a bootleg) and interestingly, it still works, however the FMV scenes doesn't play normally now. The game is about Pac Man's 20th anniversaty, and what a surprise he has! :) A completely big, new 3D action-platformer with a lot of traps and ghosts to swallow! ;) This game was one of the hardest games I have ever played when I was a kid. Took me nearly 3-4 years to conquer it! Actually during the video I used the NTSC version, and it has some minor changes to the PAL version what I got used to it. Also: the recorder program just hates me or something, because at every 2-3 minutes there is this very annoying laggtime, then it goes to normal again, so bare with that! During the video, I died a few times, my main objective was to try to gather as many letters as could, and to unlock every maze in the game. I used a graphics boooster plugin, so there is no music in some areas.


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