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Title:Experience the pleasure, peace and good feeling with this delicious food in the forest

I suggest that if you want to be surprised by a delicious taste, try this delicious one About ten medium or small potatoes Spices and salt as needed Dill and chopped chives, chopped half a cup each Butter for frying as needed One kilo of chicken wings Half a pint of mayonnaise One large onion Chopped clove garlic One cup of pizza cheese One liter of milk Half a kilo of mushrooms Half a cup of cream First, peel the potatoes, then put them in boiling water until they are cooked, then cut your chicken wings, season with chopped onion, grated saffron, lemon juice and salt. Until the potatoes are cooked, let's go to the mushroom sauce. Fry the chopped mushrooms with a little butter, then add milk, salt and yeast, let it thicken well, and finally add a little chopped dill. We fry the butter, then at the end we add dill and chopped chives to the potatoes, while the coals are not ashes, we immediately skewer and grill the wings and eat them with Korean potatoes and mushroom sauce. . . If you enjoyed our video, you can accompany us and make us happy by liking, commenting and subscribing And get notified about the next videos by ringing the bell . . #cooking #campfirecooking #nature #food #campfirefood #fire #campfire #recipe #jungle #potato #milk #chicken


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