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Title:How to Answer Immigration Questions at Airport ? What do they ASK?

Immigration Officers will ask many questions,These Tips will help you In nearly every situation, What is your purpose of Travel? this is often the first question travelers will be asked by a customs officer. This is often the first of the most common customs question because the purpose of a trip could change the type of visa required for entering the country, or subject travelers to different regulations. As a matter of best practice, always be honest with customs officials about the purpose of a trip. A dishonest answer could result in detention or even expulsion from a foreign country. To be safe, be sure to look up visa requirements before your arrival to ensure a smooth transition at customs. Depending on the planned length of visit, savvy travelers should be prepared to explain the length of their visit. Short-term stays of less than a week and long-term visits of more than a month usually receive a follow-up from the customs officer about their activities during their visit. Smart travelers should always prepare to answer truthfully about their activities while traveling. A few Playlist done for you :- Cabin Crew Salary: How to apply Step by Step: Cabin Crew Make up/Hairstyle: Cabin Crew/Air hostess Q&A 1: Cabin Crew/Air hostess Q&A 2: Cabin Crew/Air hostess Q&A 3: Misconceptions of Cabin Crew JOb: Reality of Cabin Crew Job: Cabin Crew Skincare Tips: Ground staff Jobs: First Time Travel Tips : How I bacame Cabin Crew: Dubai/Abu Dhabi Vlogs: Dubai Travel Vlogs : I am Mamta Sachdeva, I traveled around the world as Cabin Crew Manager and Traveller, To watch Airports, Travel, Hotels and Cabin Crew Life Video's, Please Subscribe to this channel now, Do not forget to Press the Bell icon for latest video notifications & never miss a Video from TravelwithMamta Follow Me : YouTube Channel Link: Instagram Link: Facebook Page: Twitter Link: Business Enquiries Email: Music Courtesy: Disclaimer : I am not a spokesperson for any company or brand, I am not a legal adviser, Content created is general opinion & not a legal advise. Any material used to produce videos is under fair use. Any Country, Airport, Airline, Hotel or A person have any issues with the content created, please email me, I will be happy to remove it. Love all Respect all.


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