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Title:All You Need To Know About Power Adapters To Fix Stuff! Part 1.

LER #262 All you need to know about Switch Mode Power Adapters (Wall Warts) To FIX Stuff!.. PART 1. In this video we learn about the Power Supply Circuit Schematics, HOW THEY WORK and WHAT GOES WRONG! We have four practical REPAIR examples. If you want to learn how to repair power adapters, this video, and part two, are exactly what you were looking for. CHAPTERS 00:00:00 Introduction 00:02:15 Opening Up The Power Supplies 00:13:04 Danger!! Danger!! High Voltage 00:15:01 The Usual Suspects 00:15:32 Practical Repair #1 00:31:59 Basic SMPS Schematic (Pt 1) 00:38:44 Hot Ground 00:40:18 Basic SMPS Schematic (Pt 2) 00:45:20 How Inductors / Transformers Work 00:52:10 Basic SPMS Schematic (Pt 3) 00:53:03 How Analog PWM Works 00:59:35 Basic SMPS Schematic (Pt 4) 01:09:04 Common Faults 01:16:26 Feedback Without Opto-Isolator 01:23:19 Practical Repair #2 01:54:52 Practical Repair #3 02:02:42 Testing the PSU Under Load 02:06:04 Practical Repair #4 02:14:25 Epilogue The ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW Series *Resistors* *Capacitors* *Inductors* *Diodes* *Zener Diodes* *Transistors* *ATX PSU* *Amplifiers* *MOSFETs* *Thermal Cameras* *Power Adapters* Part 1: Part 2: All links are affiliated. For All Your PCB needs: free $5 discount coupon KM601 AN8008 VC480C+ MESR-100 ESR METER XC6013L CAPACITOR METER TM-902C TEMPERATURE METER NEEDLE PROBES DS1054Z SCOPE FNIRSI-138 PRO SCOPE DCA55 LCR-T4 Soldering T12 with M8 9501 KSGER T12 T12 M8 9501 HANDLE T12 KIT QUICK 861DW PROS'KIT SS-331H KADA 853B PREHEATER ESD-11 TWEEZERS MICROSCOPE EEPROM Programming TL866 II+ CH341A 1.8V ADAPTER Consumables NC-559-ASM FLUX DESOLDER BRAID 10 PACK SOLDER WICK (I use SIze 4 SW18045) Learn Electronics Repair is now on Discord! It takes a lot of time and effort to make Youtube videos. If you enjoy my videos or they helped you with your own repairs please consider subscribing to my channel or click LIKE If you would like to help support this channel you could consider sending a paypal donation or subscribing to my patreon page. All monies received will go towards buying more items to repair and make interesting videos, or to improve my video recording equipment and will enable me to spend more time making better videos. If you subscribe to my Patreon you'll get my Whatsapp number and I'll give personal repair support You can send donations via this link You can subscribe via this link Thank you for your support. Richard


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