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Title:BJ Woodcox - "Ascend" (Official Music Video)

BJ Woodcox - "Ascend" Directed, Filmed & Edited by (@sldesignsmedia) Beat Produced by $in (@sincerlysin_) Lyrics/Vocals by BJ Woodcox (@bjwoodcox) Special thanks to Karla Lynn (@karla_lynn_) BITCHIN' SAUCE (@bitchinsauce) Lyrics: Aww yeah! Y’all been rockin with $in And BJ Woodcox You know we putting work in Even after the beat stops You are now tuned in to this music People groove with Usually I’m just stayin’ home Or watchin Clueless Feel like I’m always, “Just kidding” Wondering how parents are actually doing it I was actually a Double Cat Daddy Who started to feel sad When he saw he was losing “Cats”-tody of both Riki & Morty, They’re my two lil kitties I could tell my life story If you wanted to chill with me 99% happiness, 1% a lil shitty Bleached my hair blonde, Then people started to call me Lil Shady Lost 50 pounds, and now I feel like The Real Slim Woody Feel like I’m starting to run my small town Or wait, my lil city Kinda funny how people say they know me now Even though they never knew me Cause I was the biggest bully of myself With no authenticity Now I’m rockin denim on denim About to get em Pick ‘em up, take ‘em to school, And don’t forget em The thing about playin it cool Is keepin charisma But I gotta teach & learn from the Next generation’s wisdom Sometimes there’ll be sunshine Sometimes there’ll be rain You can’t have those fun times Without any pain If you ever wonder why I’m always away Just remember my punchlines Instead of punching a face All my fam reunions Felt like I had to stay buzzin They said, “It’s the second time you’re ever gonna Meet your second cousins!” Said everything in life was goin great Even when it wasn’t Leaving early at the first chance Cause damn, I had to dance to something! Now I’m bout to cut loose, And feelin like I’m in Footloose Feeling 100% of myself While drinkin Zero-proof It’s been over a year now, I’m thinkin’ over a year or two What’s the world gon look like Especially me and you? Never wanna be a burden I just want to watch Beetlejuice Pretty sure I’m flirtin Cause I’ve never felt half this cute But one thing’s for certain That I can be, Just not like Zues I’ll never get on your nerves And nibble on curves that you want like Whenever you’re feeling nervous, I’ll whisper in your ear something smooth When we’re riding hard, they’ll be more Water than a Carnival cruise If we had a daughter she’d smarter than both of us two Rubbing sun tan lotion on you SPF 102 Let’s be best of lovers, stay under covers Like spies will do Tempted to Squeeze each other’s thighs Surprisin friends, then try some fruit I would never disguise the truth Cause eventually those lies come through If it’s meant to be, Then I pursue it I’ve got to seize this Opportun Ity to write the realest music See everyone listening to it Be the reason people wake up And see a definition of an influence Smoking trees, while planting new ones Never seeking to lose my nuance As the days pass, I make cash While my brain blasts Like Jimmy Neutron I dab ba dee dab a dyed my hair blue Like I’m Marge Simpson I said, “See, Ma! I got that gas now” She said “On which pump?” All this weed that I’m smoking on now Is coming out of Michigan “Oh no! Please, officer don’t arrest me now” I grew up Christian “Now Mr. BWoody, please settle down You sound suspicious” And as a matter of fact, I’m just not that religious” You’re just wearin a hat right now That says Bitchin’ And rockin Lauren Conrad skinnies Might pat you down for a minute “Sure thing, officer Take all the time you need I’ve had a pretty busy day Filling out apps on Indeed I’m actually writing these raps too And making a penny a week” “So which department you in?” They said, “The Fashion Police” Ooo well as you can see I am actually An eligible bachelor Without a bachelor’s degree Been single most of the last decade And caught lots of tales and movies Usually there’s a hassle, a castle Then they all break free Can’t tell the difference between Break & free time, so what’s that mean? I’m getting drunk off “Work-ahol” But we’re all workin on Thanksgiving Thanks for giving Goin’ Out a stream One day I’ll have CDs I’ll either have it all together Or I won’t. Won’t we all see? I don’t don’t want anyone one, one To worry worry about me When you hurry, hurry to my shows, It’s a warm, fuzzy & furry feeling I found myself, then told myself It’s finally nice to meet This super cool side of me I’m always climbing the peak Now it’s time to Ascend, baby It’s time to climb No time to pretend, baby It’s your time to shine I appreciate you all so much for listening to this. Stay hydrated & make sure to go outside today


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