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Title:3. Test Signals - Digital Filter Basics

In this video, we'll look at the different test signals we'd want to subject our theoretical filter with, including a DC signal, Nyquist signal, Impulse signal and a couple others in between. Later in the video, we'll look at the notations that we'd be using to describe signals, and the algorithmic building blocks used to construct any filter - a delay element, a scalar multiplier and an adder. Find the full playlist here: Content: 0:00 Introduction 1:23 DC/0Hz signal 2:13 Nyquist signal 3:47 1/2 Nyquist signal 4:02 1/4 Nyquist signal 4:30 Impulse signal 5:57 Notations 7:30 Algorithmic blocks References: Designing Audio Effect Plugins in C++, Will C. Pirkle - Introduction to Digital Filters, Julius O. Smith - In this series on Digital Filter Basics, we'll take a slow and cemented dive into the fascinating world of digital filter theory. Many resources present this topic with dense and exhausting mathematics. Although a fair understanding of complex mathematics is required to fully comprehend the science of filter design, understanding the basics of filters and how they fundamentally work is better left to analysis and visualizations, which I try to do in this series. We'll learn about feedforward and feedback filter topologies, impulse and impulse responses and and wide variety of other topics. If you've got any questions, suggestions or recommendations, type them out here, or send me a message on any of my social channels mentioned below. A lot of time was spent on creating this series, and I plan to do more. So please consider subscribing if you wish to be notified about more releases in the future. And if you feel generous: Check out my music here: Check out the audio track in the intro and outro here: Give me a shout here: Website - Facebook - Instagram -


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