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Title:TINNY RACING 5 years of Racing Was the Adventure Worth it?

We go back to 2017 where my tinny racing Adventure began. We cover what is tinny racing? How did I get into it? What are my favorite parts of the sport? The highlights over 5 years of racing, Is it hard for an out-of-towner to win? The hardest parts and more to the story. Utilizing all the footage I collected and managed to save. As well as photography supplied by Grant Schwartzkopff, Thank you Grant! Gus Armstrong for tinny stunts photography. With a podium style thanks Thanks for the sponsorship Racell Roofing A big thanks to the navi's Julian George Benny Endicott Brandon Willis Riley Swartz Ryan Roberts A big thanks to the guys that helped with the boat and input about racing! Reece Glazbrook Cliff Glover Jayd Glover Ben Frazer Colin Kilby Mark Zewiers Jeremy Morrison Everyone else that helped and made it a memorable experience And the Riverland dinghy club The race tinny is currently for sale, repaired from the incident ready to slap a motor on and away you go. Get in contact if you are interested 🎵 Music licensed from Lickd. The biggest mainstream and stock music platform for content creators Summit (feat. Ellie Goulding) by Skrillex, Ellie Goulding,!Full+Steam+Adventure+ License ID: 295eMZbg5Vb Try Lickd FREE for 14 days for unlimited stock music and get 50% off your first mainstream track:


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