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Title:Never Wear This On a Plane -Mamta Sachdeva Cabin Crew

The rules of in-flight fashion are different from those on the ground. When you’re sitting for hours in a metal tube flying 35,000 feet in the air, comfort trumps style. Wear an outfit that keeps you cozy and relaxed, and you’ll likely appear more chic than the traveler struggling with heavy bags in four-inch stilettos or the one sweating in too-tight synthetic fabrics. To look and feel your best while jet-setting, avoid the following in-flight fashion faux pas. Here are some tips through my video: Lace-up boots: Tough to get off and back on quickly. Sandals: Unsanitary, and unless you are a model, looking at someone's hairy toes is unpleasant. Metallic shirts: The bling will set off alarms, and unless you have another shirt under it, removing it could be a problem. Leave it home for your next night at the clubs. Big metallic jewelry: Another way to trigger that metal detector is with a huge metal necklace.  Pack it in your luggage. Loose fitting hoodies: It might work for Eminem, but average folk will look suspicious and are inviting a pat down. Shirts with hateful or controversial logos on them: Just get in the strip search line. You look like trouble. And from the "doesn't that stink" file: wearing lots of layers and a scarf to the airport during the winter months. If the agents think you might be hiding something, you'll get to take it all off, and you'll probably say "doesn't that stink?" One jacket should be enough, and that way you'll zip through security. So dress light, and keep the oversized and metallic accessories in your carry-on bag, so you get on that plane safely and you don't waste your money. Cabin Crew Salary: How to apply Step by Step: Cabin Crew Make up/Hairstyle: Cabin Crew/Air hostess Q&A 1: Cabin Crew/Air hostess Q&A 2: Cabin Crew/Air hostess Q&A 3: Misconceptions of Cabin Crew JOb: Reality of Cabin Crew Job: Cabin Crew Skincare Tips: Ground staff Jobs: First Time Travel Tips : How I bacame Cabin Crew: Dubai/Abu Dhabi Vlogs: Dubai Travel Vlogs : I am Mamta Sachdeva, I traveled around the world as Cabin Crew Manager and Traveller, To watch Airports, Travel, Hotels and Cabin Crew Life Video's, Please Subscribe to this channel now, Do not forget to Press the Bell icon for latest video notifications & never miss a Video from TravelwithMamta Follow Me : YouTube Channel Link: Instagram Link: Facebook Page: Twitter Link: Business Enquiries Email: Music Courtesy: Disclaimer : I am not a spokesperson for any company or brand, I am not a legal adviser, Content created is general opinion & not a legal advise. Any material used to produce videos is under fair use. Any Country, Airport, Airline, Hotel or A person have any issues with the content created, please email me, I will be happy to remove it. Love all Respect all.


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