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Title:New Evidence We Are Entering An Ice Age Termination Event - EXPLAINED

Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code drbenmiles In 2006, Methane levels began to rapidly increase in Earth's atmosphere and haven't showed signs of slowing down. What is causing this mysterious spike? Are humans to blame or can this be attributed to the planet entering a ice age termination event? Merch! I think Scientists are Rockstars so I made t-shirts to celebrate it Einstein Rockstar Tee: Curie Rockstar Tee: Schrodinger Rockstar Tee: 0:00 Are We Living in An Ice Age Termination Event? 1:29 The History of Earth's Ice Ages 4:00 What Happens During an Ice Age Termination Event? 9:05 Ad Read 10:17 Why Are Methane Levels Rising? 11:40 How Do We Measure Methane? 12:33 Where Does Methane Come From? 16:30 Conclusion #iceage #methane #breakthrough If you enjoy the channel and want even more physics, tech, and business content, I've just launched new Instagram and Threads pages. Follow on the links below Insta: Threads: Newsletter A few people have asked so I've added the info below. Some of these are affiliate links. If you make a purchase it doesn't cost you anything extra, but a percentage of the sale will help support this channel and my work to bringing entrepreneurship into science. My camera : My lens: My lav: and My mic:


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