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Title:Laya is back after 18 years || Laya || Nikhil Vijayendra Simha

Join us as we dive deep into the life and achievements of the talented actress Laya. Our special podcast episode explores her fascinating 18-year career in the film industry, her transition to an IT career, and life in the USA. Tune in as we discuss her experiences in the film industry, how she balances her family life, her shift from acting to an IT professional, and her adventures living in the USA. Laya also shares heartfelt stories about the importance of family and friends in her life. Don’t miss this insightful and inspiring conversation filled with personal stories and candid moments, only on the Nikhil Vijayendra Simha podcast! Nikhil outfit courtesy: 0:14 - Introduction 1:25 - About Life 3:02 - Life in USA vs Life in India: What is Better 3:57 - What Made You Come Back to the Industry 5:32 - How Many Years Has it Been Since You Moved Away from Acting 5:42 - The Biggest Change in the Industry Then and Now 8:00 - Support from Family About Acting 9:51 - Society's Insecurity About Wife Earning More 16:46 - About Friends in the USA 17:49 - Real Friends vs Fake Friends 21:11 - How Was it During the Peak and How Was the Downfall 24:31 - How Many Years in the IT Industry 27:21 - Instagram Reel Boost 30:17 - How Do You Want to See yourself down lane 32:17 - About Post-Pregnancy 34:11 - Food & Diet 39:11 - About Cooking 40:30 - Home Remedies for Skin 43:17 - What Makes You Happy 46:59 - The Bitter Side of the Industry 54:24 - Contemporaries in the Industry / Friends in the Industry 56:33 - Fear of Fights 1:01:05 - About Balakrishnan 1:03:16 - Best Combinations in Movies 1:05:35 - Nandi Awards #NikhilVijayendrasimha #Laya #Nikhil #actresslaya #Podcast #NikhilThoNaatakal #TFI #TeluguCinema#exclusiveinterview #Swayamvaram For more craziness : πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡


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