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Title:Ako ne želite bore na vratu mažite ga ovim svake večeri i bićete zadovoljni rezultatom

Anti aging magic oil, stronger than Botox, eliminates wrinkles and fine lines instantly Massage your neck and face with this oil every night and you will see a change very quickly. The skin will be smoother and brighter. Apart from the fact that this oil is wonderful for the skin, you can also use it to treat split ends, because all the ingredients in it are equally good for the hair. ● INGREDIENTS ● 100 ml of olive oil 2 spoons of coconut oil 2 spoons of ground rice 1 bag of green tea Enable translation in your language. On mobile, click 'CC' in the upper right corner of the video. On your computer, click the display settings '⚙️' and enable translation! 😋 If you like homemade bread, you will like this recipe: 😋 If you do this, you will leave everyone impressed with the result: 💡 Subscribe to the channel 🔔 Click the bell to see new recipes! 👍 Rate the video! 👍 Put your thumbs up and don't forget to comment. Share this video with your friends on social networks. ❤️ Thanks very much! WRITE A COMMENT, or at least a smiley face. It is not difficult for you, but I will be very happy!❤️ ★ Blog ➜ ★ Facebook page➜ ★ Instagram➜ ★ Pinterest➜


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