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Title:2021 MiniLED Better than OLED TV? This may be it! QN90A vs G1 vs A90J

Big updates to MiniLED TVs so is MiniLED better than OLED now? Will the King of TVs be dethroned? We go over the best of each as we compare the two flagship technologies for 2021. LG G1 vs Samsung QN90A vs Sony A90J [TIMESTAMPS at bottom] Link: LG CTO's quote === MOVIE WATCHING TVs: Sony A8H OLED Sony X950H Hisense H9G Vizio OLED Budget TVs Samsung RU9000 TCL 5 Series Hisense H8G === GAMING TVs: For PS5 Sony X900H TCL 6 R635 or Samsung Q90T Hisense H9G Best Overall Gaming TVs OLED LG CX === HDMI Cables: Cheap Monoprice 2.0 Vivify HDMI 2.1 iVANKY HDMI 2.1 Monoprice HDMI 2.1 ===== FOMO’S PC Gaming Build Windows 10 OEM PRO (20% discount code: SF20) GPU Gigabyte RTX 3090 Motherboard MSI X570 Unify CPU Ryzen 3900X Storage SP Gen4 1TB SP Gen3 is fine too! 860 EVO 1TB Case Lian Li O11 Air Fans Arctic P12, P14 Fan filter: Silverstone CPU Cooler Noctua NH-CH14S Power Supply EVGA T2 850w ================= About Affiliate Links: #CommissionsEarned all of my Amazon & Best Buy links in this video description are affiliate links which means at no extra charge to you, I will make a small commission if you click on them and make a qualifying purchase. Equipment and Materials used for this review can be purchased on Amazon via the links above. All sponsorships are fully disclosed in this video description as well as video content. We make every effort to back up our conclusions and reviews with with demonstrations that clearly show the reasoning behind our opinions. === LICENSED MUSIC in order of appearance We use Artlist for royalty free music: Lemonade by Shtriker Big Band Lever de la Lune by Lever De La Lune Beautiful Whispers by Rhythm in You === TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Intro 0:55 MiniLED benefits 2:32 MiniLED weaknesses 3:45 Active Matrix improves MiniLED 4:44 OLED and MiniLED raise their game 5:52 OLED’s weaknesses 7:32 Samsung QN90A flagship 4K miniLED TV 8:52 Best MiniLED TV vs Best OLED TV shootout 9:55 Best 8K vs Best 4K TV 85-inch shootout


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