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Title:The Cost of Caregiving with Capital One’s Celia Edwards Karam, Chris Punsalan, and Adrienne Glusman

#CapitalOnePartner This episode of Next Question was produced in partnership with @CapitalOne , and recorded live at the @capitalonecafe in Herald Square in New York City. In it, Katie and a panel of caregivers explore the vast spectrum of challenges facing caregivers — those of us who find ourselves taking care of a loved one when they can no longer take care of themselves. As our panelists @ChrisPunsalanTV , Adrienne Glusman, and @CapitalOne's own Celia Edwards Karam share from personal experience, it can be a terrifying, overwhelming task — from the sudden windfall of money decisions and the struggle to sort out a workable financial plan at a time of immense uncertainty, to the psychological burden of simultaneously caring for a loved one while mentally preparing to lose them. But there are also moments of grace, connection, and priceless time together that will stay with our panelists for a lifetime. This conversation is both a practical guide and, we hope, a source of real inspiration and comfort for navigating an enormously challenging phase — one that most of us will face at some point in our lives. Sign up here for daily email updates from me, Katie Couric, on the news that matters most to you: Subscribe to my channel: Follow me on Instagram: Subscribe to my podcast: Follow me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter:


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