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Title:24 HOURS ON THE WORLD’S MOST EXPENSIVE TRAIN (Venice Simplon Orient Express Grand Suite)

WIN A FREE TRIP TO NASHVILLE WITH US! - To enter our giveaway, just make a free FareDrop account! We are SO excited to announce FareDrop's biggest update ever: We are now sending out domestic flight deals for FREE! And to celebrate, we are inviting one of you to come hangout in Nashville with us, and we'll cover the costs for your whole trip! (Existing members are automatically entered, don't worry!) The Vienna Grand Suite on the #OrientExpress is by far the most luxurious accommodation we've ever had! 24 hours from Hungary to Paris went by way too quickly. But we tried our best to make the most of every single second! What an insane day. ---- 00:00 What a $28k train ticket gets you 🚂 01:17 Boarding the Orient Express! 🥂 03:41 Tour of our Vienna Grand Suite ✨ 07:28 Stunning bathroom🚽 08:38 Win a FREE TRIP TO NASHVILLE WITH US!!!✈️ 09:46 First meal in dining car #1 🍴 11:03 First time getting off the train 11:45 Tour of the entire Orient Express train (14 cars) 14:25 Afternoon tea time ☕️ 14:59 Getting “fancy” for dinner 💃🏻🕺🏻 16:42 Dinner dining car 🧀 18:05 Unexpected after dinner entertainment ;) 🍸 20:01 Our most expensive sleep ever 😱 21:33 Showering on a TRAIN 22:20 Insane breakfast in our room ☀️ 23:27 Double cabin tour #travel #ViennaGrandSuite


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