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Title:Craig Jones Talks ADCC, DDS Split, Steroids, Radical Diet Changes | TFD Performance Podcast E63

In this episode, I sit down with ADCC 2022 Silver Medalist, Craig Jones to discuss many topics that have not been spoken about in public. We discuss what ADCC is really like, what goes on behind closed doors, and what it is like competing against John Danaher and Gordon Ryan, we discuss Craig's radical changes to his diet that he made in preparation for ADCC, and why weight cutting is such a big issue in professional Jiu Jitsu. Want to eat like the best grapplers in the world? Our Performance Nutrition for BJJ course is available now and you can get it 40% off by using the link below! 0:00 What it was like becoming BJJ famous? 6:03 Working with UFC P4P King Alex Volkanovski 9:32 ADCC 2022 Recap 12:38 DDS Split and Relationship with John Danaher 15:41 The Wild West That is ADCC 19:00 Lack of Sport Science in BJJ 22:49 Weigh-ins at ADCC 27:27: Craigs ADCC Diet for -99kg 31:05 Avoiding Illness and Staph with a Good Diet 34:43 Viral Pink Eye in Previous ADCC Prep 36:03 Past Weight-Cutting Mistakes 40:42 Where BJJ is Going 43:59 Performance Nutrition for BJJ Course Chat Interested in working with TFD? Find us at Follow them on social media on Instagram Facebook Twitter TikTok


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