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Title:I Visited the Most Hated Country in the World πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³

China is currently the world's most populous country. They have a rich history marked by influential dynasties and the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949. Under the governance of the Chinese Communist Party, China has become the second-largest global economy, characterized by rapid industrialization and urbanization. Together with @worldnomac & @GoWithAli , we embark on a journey to explore streets of Shanghai! Join us as we navigate through the vibrant neighborhoods, taste authentic local Chinese dishes, and get immersed in the unique culture. We also dive in on how China's heavy censorship and constant surveillance affects its citizens. Book Jim the tour guide here: My social media: * Email - (business enquiries only please) * Instagram: * Facebook: * Join the channel membership: β€’ Facebook travel community: * 2nd Youtube Account - Travel items: * My American Express credit card - * My Revolut travel debit card - * My Travel Insurance - Chapters: 0:00 Pack your bags boys, we're going to China! 4:31 We've landed! Reuniting with the gang (Mac & Ali) 5:07 Shanghai's Maglev Train and my first impressions of Shanghai 8:20 How China became an economic powerhouse 9:45 Finding love in China's Marriage Market 14:42 The Police, CCTV's and couples dancing in a park 16:12 Bumped into a brilliant multilingual Chinese NPC 19:45 Visiting a local spot for authentic Chinese noodle dish 23:32 What do the locals think of the surveillance? 25:11 Walking around the neighborhood and afternoon tea in Shanghai 29:42 Time for beer and roast duck! 31:28 Full body massage to end the day 34:46 Exploring Jing'an Temple Shanghai 36:33 Negotiating for a Fear of God Essentials shirt 40:55 Slammin' an Americano at a robot cafe 42:19 My thoughts about my trip to China #china #shanghai #beijing #chongqing


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