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Title:Build Your Business in a Way That Brings You Joy | Rob Dyrdek | Build With Rob EP49

You don’t need to work 18 hours a day to be a successful entrepreneur. Of course, there are times we all must grind, sacrifice sleep and balance to get crucial things done. But that is not the lifestyle you are trying to achieve as an entrepreneur because it is simply not sustainable. The goal of any entrepreneur should be to hire with intention and build and grow it in a way that increases output by designing, automating and optimizing systems. Ultimately, you should be doing less grinding as your business grows and matures in this way, not more. There’s a lot of noise out there that champions burning the candle at both ends and sacrificing everything to build a business. That’s working hard, but not smart. Your goal should be to grow your business into something you actually enjoy running, and that fits seamlessly into the rest of your life. Not something that consumes your life. This is the third of three episodes where Rob is rolling solo, with no guests, to dive deep on topics that are especially important to him and, he believes, are important for your success. *A previous uploaded version of this video was not the full episode.* ———————————————————————— Subscribe to Dyrdek Machine: Join our Machinist Community: Want to be on the show? Sign up here: Connect with Dyrdek Machine on other platforms: Website: Instagram: Twitter:


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