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Title:Why This Window Heat Pump Is Genius

Why This Window Heat Pump Is Genius. Enter the CCAN Action Fund EV raffle: I talk a lot about heat pumps. It’s a fantastic technology that uses a little physics exploit to get more heat energy out than energy you put in. The problem is that most of the time, the devices I’m talking about are for homeowners that can easily retrofit new installations into place. That’s definitely out of reach for most. So where does this leave renters? Well, there’s a new type of heat pump hitting the market that’s a little more accessible: easy to install heat pumps that sit on your window just like an AC unit. It seems so obvious when you look at it that I can’t help but wonder…why didn’t we do this earlier?  And how well do they actually work and at what cost? Watch Can Solar Rooftops Power the World? Video script and citations: Get my achieve energy security with solar guide: Follow-up podcast: Video version - Audio version - Join the Undecided Discord server: 👋 Support Undecided on Patreon! ⚙️ Gear & Products I Like Visit my Energysage Portal (US): Research solar panels and get quotes for free! And find heat pump installers near you (US): Or find community solar near you (US): For a curated solar buying experience (Canada) EnergyPal's free personalized quotes: Tesla Referral Code: Get 1,000 free supercharging miles or a discount on Tesla Solar & Powerwalls 👉 Follow Me Mastodon X Mastodon Instagram Facebook Website 📺 YouTube Tools I Recommend Audio file(s) provided by Epidemic Sound TubeBuddy VidIQ I may earn a small commission for my endorsement or recommendation to products or services linked above, but I wouldn't put them here if I didn't like them. Your purchase helps support the channel and the videos I produce. Thank you. 00:00 - Intro 02:22 - The New Heat Pumps 04:17 - What's Hitting the Market? 04:42 - Midea 07:13 - Gradient 08:40 - Pros & Cons


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