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Title:Mystery pneumonia in China

Clusters of undiagnosed pneumonia in Beijing and North China What’s behind China’s mysterious wave of childhood pneumonia? China, surge in respiratory illnesses, including pneumonia, in children. International society for infectious diseases Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases (International Society for Infectious Diseases) Clusters of “undiagnosed pneumonia” We expected a surge in respiratory disease this time of year, but what is happening in China is unusual. ? more than rebound ? community immune debt Hospitals in Beijing and 500 miles northeast in Liaoning are 'overwhelmed with sick children' with unusual symptoms that include Radio Free Asia reported said that more than 3,500 cases of 'respiratory infection' had been admitted to the Beijing Children's Hospital at the start of October,. 1000 new cases per day China has now included Mycoplasma pneumoniae as well as other known respiratory pathogens, like influenza, covid and RSV Local reports inflammation in the lungs a high fever but no cough Mycoplasma pneumoniae It is among the most common causes of community-acquired pneumonia in school age children. Generalized aches and pains Fever usually ≤ 102°F, (38.9’C) Cough - Usually nonproductive Sore throat (nonexudative pharyngitis) Headache/myalgias Chills but not rigors Nasal congestion with coryza Earache General malaise Pneumonia develops in only 5-10% of persons who are infected. The Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) The World Health Organization Upsurge of respiratory illnesses among children-Northern China 23rd November The WHO requested information Using International health regulations Laboratory results and data Recent trends in the spread of respiratory illnesses, from China’s health authorities last week. WHO said China’s health authorities have said rise in hospitalizations since October to known pathogens, such as adenoviruses, influenza virus, and RSV, (which tends to cause only mild, cold-like symptoms) Common winter infections — as opposed to any new pathogens — are behind the spike in hospitalizations. Nature news explainer, 27th November China’s first without COVID-19 restrictions since the pandemic began in 2020. Mycoplasma pneumonia and RSV are known to affect children more than adults. No changes in the disease presentation were reported by the Chinese health authorities. Chinese authorities advised that, since mid-October, enhanced outpatient and inpatient surveillance has been implemented for respiratory illnesses What is unusual, say epidemiologists, is the high prevalence of pneumonia in China. UK, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) mostly drove spikes in illness. November 2022, more hospitalized influenza in US Main cause of pneumonia Mycoplasma pneumoniae, bacterium that infects the lungs. Normally causes a milder ‘walking pneumonia’, doesn’t require bed rest or hospitalization. Medscape Slow spread throughout households is common, with a mean incubation period of 20-23 days. Disease tends to not be seasonal, except for a slight increase in late summer and early fall. However Mycoplasma pneumoniae infections have very been common. Teachers getting ill Bacterial pneumonia is often secondary to viral infections, Opportunistic infection Studies show that resistance rates of Mycoplasma pneumoniae to macrolides in Beijing are between 70% and 90% Erythromycin, clarithromycin, azithromycin, (data up to 2012) levofloxacin as a secondary choice Working hypotheses No evidence of a novel virus or bacterium Probably dangerous mycoplasma antibiotic resistance Possible bacterial infection after novel virus, but less likely New pandemic not immanent due to slow household transmission Slow spread of multiple antibiotic resistance spread of mycoplasmic pneumonia Need to optimise immune function, nutrition, vitamin D, sleep, exercise, appropriate antigenic challenge and hygiene hypothesis Upgrade innate immunity as per Professor Angus Dalgleish and Professor Robert Clancy


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