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Title:Laid Off From My $240k Engineering Job - Here's Whats Next

In this candid video, I find myself discussing a topic I never thought I'd have to address - the sudden cancellation of my year-long contract just two weeks ago. As someone with over 15 years of experience in a volatile industry, layoffs unfortunately aren't unfamiliar territory for me. But each time feels like a new blow, especially when you have a family, a mortgage, and plans for the year. Despite my initial reluctance, I believe it's crucial to shed light on the tough times as well. So, here I am, sharing my thoughts on how to tackle such situations and how I mentor younger engineers through similar challenges. First and foremost, it's essential to take a breath. This is undoubtedly difficult, but your response matters. Remaining professional is key, even when emotions run high. I've learned that burning bridges or being confrontational serves no purpose. Preserving relationships and showcasing professionalism in your final days can make a lasting impression. It's worth noting that management often grapples with these decisions too. While it's natural to feel slighted, focusing on the next step is paramount. Utilize connections within your network and explore potential leads. People are often willing to lend a hand during times of need. Furthermore, reflecting on your tenure at the company is valuable. Identify areas for personal growth and understand the broader business dynamics that led to the decision. This introspection provides insights for future endeavors. As I embark on my job hunt, I invite you to join me on this journey. Subscribe to follow my unconventional approach and witness firsthand the strategies I employ. It's bound to be a unique experience, and I promise to share all the details in my upcoming videos. Thank you for your support, and here's to navigating uncertain waters together. Wish me luck! --------- I've been a software engineer since 2008 and with over a decade of experience, the industry is as crazy and as varied as ever. I continually get asked for career advice and how to navigate writing code for a living and I wanted to share everything I've learned in hopes that I can help someone who is just starting in software engineering, who has been in it for a while and is too afraid to ask, or the seasoned vet to either agree or argue with me. The intent of this channel is to have multiple series that include the following topics: 💰 Compensation 📈 Negotiations 📚 Career advice and guidance 📈 Stocks, RSUs, Stock options, and ESPP plans 👨‍🏫 Engineering interviews I've done just about everything in software from working for 3 person start ups, 300 person start ups, silicon valley companies, Fortune 500 companies, small teams, big teams, W2 employment and 1099 contracting, full time contracting and moonlight part time work, independent development, launching my own web apps and iphone app.


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