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Title:Charlamagne tha God On Diddy Tape, Catching Gay, and Nuclear War

YERRR had to get on CTG on Flagrant to talk about Diddy, Ye, Nukes and also debut some exclusive new music from Charlamagne. INDULGE 00:00 Intro 1:04 Andrew is a civil rights hero 4:43 “Get Honest or Die Lying” + we want MEAT not small talk 10:18 Can Whites be acceptably offensive? Don’t mess with r-word strength 15:01 Charla was a school SNITCH + “I SAVED LIVES” 18:16 Self-snitching is dangerous + Diary of a CEO title is crazy 20:48 The Pope is back, baby! Can you catch gay? 27:11 Finger test + everyone’s gay = be who you are 31:15 The new F-word + Starbucks makes you strictly sickly 32:43 Every side using Charla + Dems doesn’t create narratives 39:19 Campaign on student loans + impact ordinary people 49:23 Over for Ye? Diddy using God + Don’t talk about it, be about it 58:23 Dinos were gay so God punished them 1:00:38 Social media is dangerous + our memory is limited 1:08:59 Bring back stories of Hell + what unites Americans? 1:11:19 Nuclear war abyss, regime change justifiable + Iran PM was inside job? 1:21:25 Does American industry need Putin? 1:25:20 We faking nukes? D-jokes setups + we live in the best times 1:28:49 If you’re gonna sell out - do it properly at least 1:32:31 Do your googles + Nicki Minaj arrest 1:34:56 If you could grift, what would you choose? 1:38:51 Diddy, avoiding real issues, gay smokescreen & power lust 1:47:39 Carl Winslow got worn out? + Shoutout to 50 Cent 1:53:18 Charla’s “Grippy” + AI is scary 1:58:25 Scarlett Johansson issue with OpenAI’s voice 2:00:53 Lawsuits aren’t cheap, Diddy’s chutzpah + “I’m a savage” 2:06:51 How does Charla check himself? 2:08:38 Charla’s ayahuasca experience + easy to criticise others, not look at yourself 2:11:30 Charla taking mental health so seriously + Panic Attack Sunday 2:14:53 People’s addiction to attention 2:15:54 How many more years of the Breakfast Club? AI RAPS BY:


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