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Title:Opening The Coffin Of Margaret Pole - Henry VIII's Countess Of Salisbury

Throughout the reign of King Henry VIII, the infamous Tudor monarch executed up to 70,000 people inside of his own Kingdom, and this included two of his own wives. But those who were of very noble status and birth were allowed what was regarded as a private execution away from the eyes of the general public inside of the Tower of London. Truth be told, when these executions were carried out inside the Tower, there would actually be hundreds of witnesses some of whom even snuck into the fortress as the gates were regularly accidentally left open. But one woman who is often forgotten about when compared with the two wives of the King who was condemned inside of the Tower was a woman who had royal blood, and who many regarded as had a legitimate claim to the English throne. Some classed Margaret Pole the Countess of Salisbury as someone who had a better claim to the throne than Henry VIII, but the King would dispatch her at the hands of a brutal executioner who made a terrible job of the execution. But centuries later the body of Margaret Pole was dug up and exhumed inside of the Tower of London’s chapel, but what is the story of this?


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