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Title:6 MISSING IN KANSAS: Underwater Sonar Search Day 2

Focusing on 6 Missing Persons cases in Kansas City, Missouri—AWP sets our sights on the murky waters in hopes of solving a cold case. Day 1 6 MISSING: Kansas City's Cold Case Mysteries Day 2 - This Video 6 MISSING IN KANSAS: Underwater Sonar Search Day 2 🎯 Link to Dan's Youtube Channel ➦ Our investigation zeroes in on six individuals, each with a story abruptly paused, leaving a void that begs to be filled. Jonathan Williams, last seen in 1994, vanished without a trace, his black 1994 Ford Tempo now a ghost on the roads he once traveled. Deus J. Hudson's green 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier has been missing since the haunting night of Halloween 2007, a night that remains frozen in time. Donald Shaw, whose absence since 1978 in his 1973 Chevrolet Caprice speaks volumes of the decades of pain endured by his loved ones. Robert Linman, lost to us since 1998, his tan and brown 1984 Ford F-150 a silent testament to the questions left unanswered. Johnny Lee Thompson, whose black 2017 Ford F-150 vanished in 2019, represents the modern tragedies that continue to unfold. Lastly, Jennifer Donais, who disappeared in 2004, her 1997 Pontiac Bonneville a lingering echo of her absence. Our efforts today are a beacon of hope, illuminating the depths in search of these missing souls. The waters we navigate are not just physical barriers but gateways to understanding, to uncovering the truth that lies submerged and forgotten. With each sonar sweep and every dive, we peel back the layers of mystery that have enveloped these cases, driven by a commitment to bring peace to those who have waited in agony. Thank you from all of us here at Adventures With Purpose for watching, liking, commenting, sharing, and subscribing. Jared Leisek - Adventures With Purpose Founder ❤️.. JOIN THE AWP MOVEMENT ..❤️ (Get Videos Early)... ➤ ➦ Share this video to SPREAD AWARENESS of the service AWP provides for FREE! 🎯 Subscribe to AWP on YouTube (It's Free)...➤ 👕 AWP Merchandise..➤ 📌 Follow Us on Facebook... ➤ HOW IS AWP FUNDED?... ➤ 💔 WINDOW BREAKERS SAVE LIVES! 😢 A MUST-HAVE Safety Tool for ALL Drivers. Want to tell us about a case? Email our support team: 🎬.. Watch Other Cases We've Solved ==================== SOLVED: Missing 23-years Underwater (Samantha Hopper, 22-month-old Daughter Courtney, Unborn Baby) SOLVED: 💔 Missing 24-year-old Jacob VanZant Found SOLVED: How We FOUND Kiely Rodni: MURDER or ACCIDENT? #Missing #MissingPerson #ColdCase


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