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Title:What Happens To Those Who Challenge ALLAH (SWT) | Part 3 | Islamic Editz

What Happens To Those Who Challenge ALLAH (SWT) | Part 3 | Islamic Editz This video is 3rd part of Series " What Happens To Those Who Challenge ALLAH (SWT) " Second Part Link : First Part Link : Nasheed Used : The Way Of Tears (Slowed And Reverb Version) Link : Your one subscribe and like motivates me to make more such videos ... Subscribe: Timestamps ⏱️ 0:00 Intro 0:10 King of Yemen "Abraha" 0:38 Abraha sees pilgrims coming to Arabia for pilgrimage 0:48 Abraha decides to attack Ka'aba 1:07 Stampede took place in Mecca and everyone started run away before Abraha arrives 1:47 Everyone left Mecca 2:07 Except one person known as Abdul Muttalib 2:25 He handed the protection of Ka'aba to ALLAH SWT 2:59 ALLAH SWT send Ababeel for the protection of his House 3:46 Abraha's army now charged towards Mecca 4:10 On the gate of Mecca , Elephants and Horses stopped moving 4:46 The Elephant of Abraha threw him down 5:21 The army of ALLAH SWT then flew towards Abraha's Army 5:45 Millions of Ababeel's cover the sky like an umbrella 6:11 Ababeel's then pelted them with stones of baked clay 6:26 Leaving them like chewed up straw 6:50 The whole army of Abraha including him got destroyed 7:24 In this year Prophet Muhammad SAW was also born 7:41 What ALLAH says about Abraha in Quran 7:54 Outro


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