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Title:Quando Rondo on Dissing Bricc, Lul Pab's Death, King Von, Big U, His Fed Case & More

Quando Rondo talks about his upbringing, his case, Bricc Baby, dodges questions about Youngboy, gives his take on Trap Lore Ross, and more. ----- 0:00 - Intro 1:13 - Quando says him and Bricc chop it up on their own time, says social media is going to assume what they want 3:50 - Says people have to realize you could be a potential rat by knowing you're doing something that can be used against you 5:01 - Quando says he has a whole fed charge and can’t talk crazy on the internet, shows off his ankle monitor, says the song he allegedly dissed Bricc in is old 6:48 - Says he’s not waving a white flag but the song is old, says even if he wanted to diss a dude he couldn’t because he’s facing time right now 8:35 - Rondo says him and Bricc are birds of a feather and for sure flock together 11:01 - Quando says he wouldn’t go back and change anything says if he didn’t go through what he went through he wouldn’t be who he is today 12:12 - Quando says he’s had a hard life but from 17 until now he’s been able to be financially stable and have a good life, says something good will come of his situation 13:40 - Quando says if he has to hit the feds he’s not going to the shoe, he’s gonna walk the yard, says if he has to go do time he’s going to set up a drawing board to see whose really with him 17:27 - Quando says his charges are trumped up, gives stolen car ending up in a music video analogy 21:37 - Quando says a conspiracy charge is the easiest charge to catch in the whole wide world 22:46 - Quando congratulates Adam for coming out the closet, finds out it was a April fools prank 24:23 - Says he’s Muslim but he’s given up on praying about his legal situation, says he doesn’t have faith that he’ll beat the charges, says the Feds have a 98% conviction rate 30:26 - Quando says being from Georgia, when people get locked up in Georgia it’s viral, Says he thinks the young thug case is some bull 33:33 - Quando says in Savannah, Georgia they tried to say he was the leader of the rolling 60s 35:23 - Tells Adam he be asking some fed questions asks Adam if he’s ever thought about being a district attorney 40:45 - Quando dodges questions about Youngboy, says certain it gets old, Quando’s homie calls in and yells “Neighborhood” to Bricc 43:00 - Quando says he’s 25 and doesn’t think the same as when he was 21 45:12 - Quando tells Adam that speaking on Pab is a touchy situation, says no one knows what happened but Allah, Quando says he’s doesn’t insinuate 48:23 - Quando says what goes around comes around, says he stands on loyalty 49:52 - Bricc says he’s not doing anything for $100,000, says last dude they turned a pack he got $1,000,000 51:01 - Quando ask “Who TF is Trap lore Ross!?” Says he be making up sh** 53:32 - Quando says question if he’s blackballed from the industry Is rhetorical, says he feels like he’s blackballed 54:24 - Quando says a lot of rappers DM saying he’s hard and not to let nothing stop him, says he wonders why they don’t f with him out loud, says music and money don’t define friendship he has with Youngboy 57:06 - Quando ask what makes him so mysterious, says when you get in the rap game you learn that sometimes you have to do, that goes against codes and morals 1:02:10 - Quando says your fans are going to love anything you do, says he doesn’t care about fans that are against him over a past situation 1:05:38 - Quando says dudes grew up dying to meet Big U, ask his lil bro if he would choose to go to Crenshaw over staying in Savannah 1:08:31 - Quando quotes Quilly on Akademiks, “The young bulls love me, I put em in position” 1:12:47 - Quando says he never called Big U for anything, says he been knew certain things was going to go down so he chopped it up with Big U to see what he could do to give back, not for Big U to jump in beef with him 1:16:20 - Quando says he’s been sober for 6 months 1:24:36 - Quando says it could be World War 3 he’s still going to be trying to rap, he has a real love for it, says you can’t keep doing the same thing and getting different results 1:26:41 - Quando says he has a lot of label help on his “here for a reason” album 1:31:16 - Quando picks up a phone call mid response, says he’s trying to make sure his album goes crazy enough so that Lul Tim doesn’t have to rap 1:33:25 - Quando has to conduct a transaction for a phone he’s buying 1:35:08 - Says he’s signed to Atlantic and Never Broke Again 1:36:15 - Quando calls Atlantic to see when his tape drops, they tell him probably the end of May 1:38:07 - Quando says he has a 50 cent “Many men” flip on his new album and 50 cleared it for him


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