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Title:MORE Nano Tape Hacks You've Never Seen Before! #satisfying #diy

♥ 10 Nano Tape Hacks Pt 1 ♥ ♥ Nano tape kits with glitter and straw!* ♥,,, Enthält Werbung durch Markennennung / Contains advertisement due to visible brand logos This video shows you a few more DIYs you can make using nano tape! You aren't just limited to bubbles or squishies. You can use the tape for all kinds of projects like origami or transparent stickers. The biggest change since I started making nano tape videos is that there are loads of kits being sold just for crafting. So instead of buying your materials separately, just search for "nano tape kit" in Amazon (or check the links below) and you'll get everything in one place. Some include pre-cut pieces of tape, balloon pumps, syringes and different things you can fill your nano bubbles with. ♥ Shopping Links* ♥ There are actually loads of sellers offering DIY nano bubble kits now! So you can get everything including straw, air pump and glitter: Wide Nano Tape (good for stickers): Narrow Nano Tape (good for stars): Nano tape kits: ttps://,,, Museum Gel: Glitter (chunky iridescent): Glitter (confetti shapes): *DISCLAIMER: Amazon USA products are affiliate links which means I receive a very small commission if you buy it through here. I do not receive commission for links to Etsy or any other online store, though of course I still link those if I purchased a certain item shown in my video that viewers might want! SHOPPING WARNING: Something to watch out for when ordering nano tape online is that many sellers use images that are quite misleading. The tape always looks bigger and thicker than it really is so you really have to double check the width of what is being sold. 3cm /1.2" is the minimum and ideally you want to have 5cm / 2" tape. Unfortunately I've also experienced sellers sending the wrong size despite me ordering the correct dimensions. So if in doubt, double check the listing description and don't get the cheapest product which is more likely to be a smaller roll of tape. (c) Joanna Zhou 2023 Contains Music from Epidemic Sound (​​​) This video is not sponsored Contains affiliate links


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