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Title:Venom And The Sinister Six Sing A Song (Spider-Man: No Way Home Parody)(ALBUM IS OUT NOW!)(WHO WON?)

‘The Spider-Man Album’ on Spotify here - Beat by Dansonn + Connect with the Don + + iTunes - + Spotify - + Instagram - + TikTok - + Twitter - + Snapchat - fraser-nash + PS4 - DonFraserNash Here's the lyrics - Eddie what just happened? That wasn’t me, That was really scary, Oh look eddie, on the tv, It’s some sort of spider-man, or spider-teen? I’ve seen him before in hive memories, In another life we were a pretty good team, I made him less pansy and turned him more bully, In some universes they put our lives on the big screen, We must leave to New York, I need to meet the spider, I think we’re in a different universe all together, I had a host on a world that was very similar, We had symbiosis me and Peter Parker, Wait are you saying you’d rather latch on someone else?! How’d you think that makes me feel, massively jels! I hadn’t thought about your feelings, I never do at all? It’ll do us good to have a break, like Ross and Rachel, I’m only joking, the spider-man was an enemy, I need to see him purely out of curiosity, Who’s knows we could be friends or I’ll put him in my belly, I might even need revenge, I think he might have killed me? Uh he looks like a super hero, he’d kick your ass, Eddie be careful, those words might be your last! Yeah what you gonna do? Go and kill your only host? Yes, and then go meet Peter I suppose, Face it venom we can’t be in their movie, You’re far too aggressive we’re not pg, But what about Murdock? That’s daredevil Eddie! Did you get that? I noticed him from his first scene, Now who do you think would win between me and daredevil? I’m pretty sure I’d crush him if we were to wrestle, I mean he’s quick, but I’m big, and he’s blind, Eddie! Did you know that he has sonar in his mind?! And the man can move things just by thinking!? Wait that might be eleven from the show stranger things, But I’ve heard there’s a witch in this universe that does it? The avengers sound nearly as cool as me I’ll admit, We should probably join them, they’d love us would they not? We’re two funny pea peas in a pod pod, You said my lethal protector name was dumb, But take a look at the names of some of them?! There’s nothing more annoying than a spider out of reach, You’re an insect a pest and that’s all you’ll ever be, I was shocked when I heard you ever found a lady, I take it you date like you climb walls…. clingy, Yea I rob some banks, but I never do much harm, I mean I never used a gun, but I stay well armed, Peter you make me sick, stop try’n be so nice, Here have some food, it’s your favourite brand of rice, ha! Like Peter, I’m a cross species experiment, Unlike Peter iguana share my gift with all inhabitants, We could have made man lizards but you’d rather spin and twirl, It would have been the greatest cross over, Spider-Jurassic World, Did you know that when hunting, lizards love to eat a spider? But you’re a little bigger, I’ll just have to open wider, I saw all you spidermen cracking your ageing backs, It reminded me of Gwen, and when your web went slack, I’ll second that, the spider needs to go splat, Get a shock attack, that’s for try’n send me back, This world gives me energy like Prozac on crack, I ain’t going no where I’m at home in this habitat, I used to feel blue, back when I had no friends, But the haircuts new, it seemed to make a mends, Hell I even got a crew, we’re just trying to defend, But you want us dead, that’s cold spidey, we used to be friends, A sandstorms coming, Peter swings straight through, You’ll never get rid of me like sand in your shoe, Bet you loved building sandcastles with uncle Ben, You know you still can just tip the urn that he’s in, I steal for my girl, it’s not for myself I swear, See my gut, I won’t go hungry cus of the sand which is there, Your girl went down on me it’s not what you’re thinking, Thats a joke about quick sand now let it sink in, Peter Parker you look rather yum, Please will you let me eat a limb, hmm, It shouldn’t really matter, that much to a spider, You, are suppose to have eight of them, And as a human, you were meant to have some parents, Your life is so depressing you can’t even afford rent, No family, no friends, the spiders all alone, But don’t worry I can solve that, I will make you home, Peter Parker pick a pepper, Shoulda listened to the doctor, Aunt May’s blood drops pitter patter, Your stupid good will done killed her, ha! Let the chaos, confusion begin! I wanna put petes life in a tailspin! I’ve no agenda I just like disorder, You can tell from the size of my grin! Gimme some tears, I’ll laugh in your face, When I appear, I tear up the place, All of your fears, I try to encase, Gimme a cheer, for corpses I made,


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