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Title:10 Signs that a Guy is a Player (watch out for these!)

Is your man using you or can you trust him? Learn 10 surefire signs that a man is a player (and how to identify them) in this video! β†’ Get my FREE magnetic love affirmations training: Is he a player? Is my man using me? Can I trust him? I get asked questions like these ALL THE TIME by clients, students and women in my life... so I created a video explaining the 10 most common signs that a guy you're dating or in relationship with is a player or just using you for physical gratification. If you see these, tell that guy to HIT THE ROAD! TIMELINE 1:49 - What is a Player? 3:17 - 10) You only spend time with him on his terms 4:24 - 9) He emotionally/physically checks out after sex 5:36 - 8) You never meet his friends or family 6:56 - 7) He brings up sex in early chats 9:04 - 6) He tries to exchange sexy pictures prior to intimacy 10:25 - 5) Your first dates allow him to touch you without talking to you 11:13 - 4) He ghosts or plays dumbs in response to boundaries 13:43 - 3) He vanishes and reappears without good explanation 15:27 - 2) He’s irrationally jealous of other men in your life 17:08 - 1) He speaks badly about all of his past relationships 19:03 - Recap of Signs If you want more support in creating the life and love of your dreams, this is how I can help you ❀️ πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‰ I send 1-2 POWERFUL weekly emails filled with deep insights on men, relationship and stepping into your power - (this will also give you first access to all my new programs and courses! You can sign up here (don't worry I''ll never spam you!) β†’ πŸ‘‰ If you want a DEEP DIVE into your love life and the maximum level of personal support me from in your relationships, I work with a select group of women as a 1-on-1 coach. I am not currently accepting new clients, but you can apply to join my VIP client waitlist and I will email you as soon as new spots open up! Apply here β†’ Let's Stay Connected! β†’ SUBSCRIBE HERE - - for new videos every week! Hit the little bell to get notified when I post :) β†’ INSTAGRAM - β†’ FACEBOOK (follow don't friend!) -


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