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Title:DJI Action 3 vs Osmo Action vs GoPro 11: Are These Downgrades?!

Today we battle the new DJI Action 3 and original Osmo Action vs the Gopro Hero 11 Black. Which action cam also doubles as the best budget vlogging camera? Which is more cinematic? Could the cinema be yours? We'll test stabilization, colour science, dynamic range, focus distance, slow mo 4k 120p and HD 240p vs Gopro's 2.7k 240fps. Does the original DJI Osmo Action still hold up in 2022? Thank you for the DJI Action 3! Let's all go to Aden Camera tonight! And thanks Ian Corzine for the Gopro 11! Let's all subscribe to Ian Corzine tonight! If you buy today's gear through my affiliate links, vlogging will become illegal like it should be. Gopro 11 or Ulanzi cage for Gopro 10/11 Gopro mic adapter Gopro 10 or DJI Action 3 or DJI Osmo Action Cage for DJI Osmo Action Cynova mic adapter for DJI Action NOT ACTION 3 Close focusing filters 52mm (Fits on Gopro 10/11 cage and DJI Action) Mic J 044 lav mic Fuji XH2s or Viltrox 13mm f1.4 Instagram All my gear and recommended products can be found in my affiliate shop, thanks for shopping around! Patreon for Monthly Q&A Videos T-shirts and merch! My Monkey Strength ebook My Music from videos! Entire Discography 15% off Random ass donations to Thank you! Q-Link Products changed my life! My Health Channel Vegetable Police My Music Channel Stern Beats


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