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Title:This Video Will Make You Want to Move to Vermont

I can't believe what reason number 10 was! Moving to Vermont is going to be a no-brainer for you once you watch this video. We cover the top reasons you should be moving to the state of Vermont in the United States in 2021. 10 Reasons You Should Move to Vermont. In this video, we basically cover Why Vermont is the Best State to Live in. Thumbnail Photo by Subscribe for more videos like this! 0:00 – Prologue When French explorer Samuel de Champlain arrived in what is now Vermont, he whipped out his crisp 1647 map, looked at the green mountain, and said, “I will name it green mountain” (aka "Vermont"). 0:26 – It Was its Own Country at One Point “The Vermont Republic” became independent from the jurisdictions and land claims of the British colony of Quebec, New Hampshire, and New York in 1777. It operated as its own nation for 14 years before joining America as the country’s 14th state. During this time, the Republic of Vermont even began printing their own currency called the Vermont Copper. While you won’t see the Vermont Copper back on Bloomberg anytime soon, it's’ pretty cool to live in a state that did its own thing for 14 years. 0:58 – You Aren’t Constantly Being Sold Stuff Speaking of self-sufficient, this is a state that’s careful about what it lets in. A prime example; Vermont was the last state to get its own Walmart- the green mountain didn’t see the massive grocery store chain until 1996. While Vermont is picky about the chain restaurants and big box stores that it lets set up shop, it’s also got tough rules against roadside billboards- they’ve been prohibited for the past forty years. After all, nothing ruins your commute like a 7ft tall real estate agent yelling at you to sell your home. 1:35 – Stunning Commutes While the absence of billboards plastered along the roads will certainly make your commute more peaceful, Vermont has plenty of other factors that will encourage you to take a long way home. The state has about 6,000 miles of paved road and 8,000 miles of dirt road. Its also home to over 100 covered bridges, some of which were built as early as 1800. So not only do you get to experience the joy of cruising through the scenic Vermont hills, you also get to experience that daily I-might-die thrill of driving over a rotten 200-year-old bridge. 2:10 – The Beautiful and Tasty Maple Trees Vermont’s scenic highways would be nothing without the Sugar Maples. Visitors from around the world come to Vermont every fall to see the maple trees change colour, but the real magic happens in the spring - Syrup Season. It’s no surprise Vermont’s state tree is the Sugar Maple- the region has an annual in St. Albans dedicated to the trees, and produces more maple syrup than the next four states combined. Watch your back, Canada, you’re next. In total, Vermont produces 500,000 gallons of that good tree blood a year. That’s nearly enough to fill an Olympic sized Swimming pool! But Phelps, if you’re watching this, please.This isn’t a challenge. 2:53 – You’ll Eat Really, Really Well While there’s no shortage of the sweet stuff, unless you’re Buddy the Elf, Maple Syrup isn’t a food group. Not to worry; Vermont’s got plenty of other options at its 85 different Farmer's Markets, this state is all about that farm-to-table life. 3:54 – All That Peace and Quiet Living in a populated area can be great. Untill it’s 4am and you’re wide awake because of the barking dogs, cop cars, baby crying and roommates, guns going off, the rock band next door practicing.... Sometimes, you just want to move to a cabin in the woods and follow your dreams of becoming a hermit. 4:53 – The Laid-Back Lifestyle Vermonter’s are way too busy doing outdoorsy stuff to bother with what they look like while they do it. Muddy rainboots or snow pants are the only seasonal trends you’ll be seeing around town. 6:01 – It’s Pet Central This shelter is home to all sorts of species and welcomes overnight guests at it’s historic inn. The best part is telling your out of town in-laws that you booked them a room at the fancy pound. 7:05 – It’s a Snow Sport Paradise Dummerston, Vermont is the birthplace of this wacky activity, where it was first invented Rudyard Kipling, author of the Jungle Book. Beloved children’s book writer AND inventor of snow golf? This dude’s got a great resume. 7:46 – It has the Atlantis of America Today, when the tide is low you can make out the remnants of the town that time forget, and if you look down into the deeps you can make out bits and pieces of the Lost City of Vermont-lantis. 8:44 – Best States in the USA If you want to look at other states before making the decision to move, check out this video that shares the best states to move to in 2021. #TheTraveler #Vermont #RealEstate Resources:


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