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edit; its 2020 and im cringing and laughing because i once thought this was the peak of both porn and my own content so blease, enjoy even though its awful im ashamed of this but not ashamed enough to hide it. i hate myself from 2016 but i look back *partially* fondly on these because although theyre disgusting i was happy back then edit2; okay this is actually getting more attention than i expected (my fault for putting a clickbaity title-) and uh please note that this is very old- not only have i improved, but so have these characters i'd recommend viewing some of my newer content rather than judging this one, though you're free to do what you want xd criticism is more helpful on newer content, as i'm continuing to work to improve myself and my content. either way honestly thank you all for viewing this? even if you dont like it lmao ( i do personally view them to be around 18 considering tonys still living with his mom though. please don't view my sons below that (3 ) small q&a 09/15/20 q; names? who is who? top/bottom? a; tony, the red hair, is primarily a bottom. remy, the blue hair, is primarily a top :) sometimes they switch though q; are they gay/both boys? a; yes 🏳️‍🌈 tony is pure homosexual and remy is bisexual q; are they related? a; no 💕 this is wisconsin not alabama q; who was the lady who burst in? a; tony's mother, they were having a sleepover at tony's house which is why she came in. she looked shocked because she wasn't aware tony was gay. q; will u do part 2? a; maybe!! however I will do it when and if I feel like it so it's not guaranteed, sorry [i did part 2 in 2021] q; what happened to these characters? did you stop using them? a; no! I love these two with all my heart and I do still use them! their appearances as well as my style have updated though so they do like quite different now. remy no longer wears the rainbow sweater and he has black hair :)) you can see a more recent picture of them in my channel banner. q; can I draw/use these characters or feature this video in my own content? a; of course, as long as you are not claiming any of it as your own (unless it is art you made of the characters, then it's your art of course) and u credit me for my work/ocs because otherwise it's kinda theft. 💕 q; song? a; heathens by twenty one pilots! bop. old title: "extended again" hot damn im working too hard on this piece of shit this is my last upload for tonight if you can't see the subtitles {or texts} very well: tony: Good morning, beautiful. tony: You look adorable when you sleep. tony: Smile. tony: Smile for me. tony: Good boy. tony: How about a kiss? remy: Really? tony: You want to? remy: Yeah.. tony: Ok.. tony's mom: Breakfast.. remy: I'm sorry these two got caught about to kiss ooooooooo shits getting real-er remy said sorry cuz he thinks it his fault they got caught half way to kissing THIS ISN'T THE END it isn't ogre yet.... it's never ogre. lol ENJOYYYYY


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