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Title:Doctor Gabor Mate: The Shocking Link Between Kindness & Illness!

If you enjoyed this video, you will love my first conversation with Dr Gabor Mate, which you can find here: 0:00 Intro 03:45 🤝 How Vocalising Stress Enhances Emotional Control and Understanding 08:03 📵 Importance of Disconnecting: Mental Health and Taking Sabbaticals from the Internet 13:26 🔄 Healing Childhood Wounds: Acknowledging Unmet Needs and Self-Discovery 23:17 💡 Reconnecting with Childhood Intuition: Gut Feelings and Emotional Clarity 24:36 🧠 Gut-Brain Connection: Childhood Trauma and Grounding Techniques 27:50 🤝 Autoimmune Diseases and Emotional Patterns: Breaking the Cycle 30:57 💑 Emotional Intimacy in Relationships: Avoiding Mothering Dynamics 37:34 🤝 Suppressing Healthy Anger and its Impact on Immunity 43:43 🙅‍♂️ Trauma and Authenticity: Overcoming People-Pleasing Habits 48:41 🧠 Repressed Anger and its Link to Illnesses like ALS 49:08 🩺 ALS Patients' Niceness and its Connection to Health 52:11 🚪 Setting Boundaries: Key to Healing and Self-Discovery 01:00:46 🏥 Preventing Trauma-Related Illnesses: Addressing Emotional Needs 01:11:31 💔 Childhood Experiences and Adult Health: Heart Attacks and Strokes 01:12:28 🧠 Impact of Negative Labels on Self-Worth: Childhood to Adulthood 01:15:26 🙅‍♂️ Childhood Emotional Recognition: Importance of Self-Awareness 01:20:47 🌬️ Shallow Breathing and Chronic Stress 01:24:18 💑 Building Genuine Emotional Intimacy for Meaningful Relationships 01:34:43 🎯 Defining Goals: Work, Health, Relationships, and Emotional Wellness 01:36:06 🤔 Aligning Intentions with Actions: Strengthening Goal-Oriented Living 01:38:27 🧘 Pursuing Inner Peace: Importance of Emotional Harmony and Well-Being 01:44:41 💖 Embracing Vulnerability and Growth: Authenticity in Personal Development 01:46:56 🙏 Gratitude and Connection: Fostering Wholeness and Meaningful Bonds You can purchase Dr. Mate’s most recent book, ‘The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness & Healing in a Toxic Culture’, here: Follow Gabor: Instagram: Twitter: Listen on: Apple podcast - Spotify - Join this channel to get access to perks: FOLLOW ► Instagram: Twitter: Linkedin: Sponsors: Huel: Whoop: Linkedin:


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