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Title:One of these Swords is Not Like the Other...

Get 20% off on watches and cool rings handmade from unique materials with coupon code SKALL at Sometimes you realize that something you had a positive impression of is rather mediocre after all, when something much better comes along. When it comes to replica swords on the current market there is a major gap in quality between the low end (under $300) and high end ($800+). But in this case there is less than $200 between the kilij and shamshir that I talk about in this video, and the price of the shamshir is only what I'd consider lower mid-range. The quality however is much higher than you might expect. My review of the kilij, where I was probably a little too lenient due to the price: [Update: I was told that their original site, was hacked, so they moved to I've reached out to Swordbuy on Etsy and asked them to confirm this is real, which they did. Still worth pointing out because that incident is odd, and I can't be 100% certain that there is nothing fishy going on.] The Shamshir: Other recent reviews: Leiomano (Hawaiian shark tooth club) Yatagan $3500 Tamahagane katana Messer *** Sources ***,_Turkiet_-_Livrustkammaren_-_1288-negative.tif,_Kilij_-_Livrustkammaren_-_73864.tif *** Music credits *** "Medieval Town" by Syncopika Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license (CC BY 3.0) Outro: "Highland Storm" by The Slanted Room Records Used with artist's permission *** Merch *** If you want to join Bonfire to start selling your own merch: *** Support the channel *** Help fund future videos, get bonus content and access to an exclusive Discord server: Other ways to support the channel by shopping through affiliate links: Kult of Athena, my favorite online store for reproductions of historical arms and armor, fantasy swords, etc: Where to get HEMA gear and practice swords: Want to treat your face fluff? I highly recommend the balms and oils from Beard Sorcery: Books about history, martial arts, swords, knives, video/audio equipment, and other stuff I recommend: US - Canada - *** Social media *** #skallagrim #sword #history #weapons #reproduction


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